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So glad you found me. Just come and sit a spell, it's time to go exploring. Life is an unscripted journey that if you're lucky enough, you capture it with words and photos.


My Awards I Give

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First honor goes to .....

Lisa of Decosses Dynamite Doodles on November 12, 2012
     Reason:  Lisa has become one of our newest blog family.  She is generous
                   in helping others.  Her site makes me smile with her "sparkling"
                   sense of humor in her daily words.                                      signed:  Sue

Trina Secher of Nothing But Freebies on November 19, 2012
    Reason:  Trine is one that I really love.  She has reached my heart many
                  times in comments.  The first time being when she featured my
                  youngest granddaughter, Allison on Allison's "First Wordart" on
                  her blog.  Allison was eight years old.  And now, I featured her
                  because of the love she has shown my other granddaughter,
                  Abby.  She referred to her artwork as PROFESSIONAL and
                  Abby is thirteen years old.                                                    signed:  Sue

Chris of Inspiration Journey on November 23, 2012
  Reason:  Chris honored me on her very first page on her new blog.  She
                 featured one of my Halloween Wordart on a card that she had
                 created.  That place on her blog is so special to me, and I will
                 never forget it.  In addition, she told me ... "It's official" ...
                 you are an angel.                                                                   signed:  Sue

Anne Marie of Cardcrafters Circle on December 3, 2012
 Reason:  Anne Marie really had me laughing a belly chuckle with her comments
                 concerning snow.  She loves it as much as I do .... even though I think
                 I still have her beat.  How can I not love this kindred spirit.  Bring
                on the winter magic.                                                              signed:  Sue

Just Because
You Don't Feel Well

First honor goes to:
Chris @ Inspirational Journey on November 15, 2012
     Reason:  Because she took the time to write me such a beautiful 
                   comment about my granddaughter, Abby  ... even though
                   she needed wasn't feeling well and I wanted to give her
                   a hug.                                                             signed:  Sue

The honor goes to: 
     And the honor goes to:
     Mary aka Butterflywings
     Thank you helping me reach my first goal for followers on my blog.
                                                                               signed:  Sue


Silverbutterfly said...

Awesome.. You are so talented, and I so admire you for sharing with people like me that can't draw a straight line with a ruler...She is

stamp-color-and create said...

You have a great blog. Found you through Lisa D. @ Decosse's Dynamite Doodles. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and maybe, just maybe, I'll be eligible to win one of your awards :-)


Anonymous said...

Your site is so inspiring. I have loved looking through it over and over. Thank you for all your generosity and talent.