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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Giving Thanks

Dear Scrapbooking friends,

Everyone can see I am so relieved!!!  And, my way of showing it is with many new and older posted freebies.

I will start with my post again from March 30th concerning my mother!!!!

After what has been one of my hardest day .... I have finally received the phone call I have needed. My mother is finally out of recovery. She went into surgery this morning at 06:00am and came through surgery at 08:30am. Able to remove the entire mass! However, she developed unstable vital signs and difficulty stabilizing her. At 12:00pm she started to bleed and had to be rushed back into surgery. Unable to find bleed and surgeon just did some extra stitching. Back in recovery and again unstable vitals. However, they have finally stabilized her and she has been moved out of recovery. Time is now 7:00pm. Will continued to be monitored and in a lot of pain. But, at least I am able to breathe again. She's still with me and that is all that counts. I wll try to talk with her in the morning.

My brother came through his surgery with flying colors.

Many ups and downs for me .... I was so elated this morning with the removal of mass, but remainder of day .... awful. My husband and children have been right here with me!!!

Keep us in your prayers.

You can download above freebie at: http://www.4shared.com/zip/0qJB0URz/we_give_thanks.html.

Hugs, Sue

Do I dazzle You?


This vampire princess has always, always been one of my favorite creations from a couple of years back.  And I wanted to share not only my wordart, but also just the label.  I do hope you love her as much as I do.

I hate to admit that I have always had a great love affair with vampires since I was a teenager.  I use to rush home every afternoon to watch "Dark Shadows"It really makes me smile .... that is back in a movie.  And .... I know, I know I am showing my age!!!!  hee, hee

To all of any newcomers to my site ... I WANT TO WELCOME YOU.  Please do come and sit a spell if you have the time today and come explore my site.  I have many freebies for you to add to your digital library ranging from Christmas, Halloween, St Patricks's and Easter.  Others include family and so many more.
Hugs and vampire bites,  Sue

Golden Egg

Do you have a Golden Egg which is part of your Easter Egg hunts?  I sure do!!!!!!  It's the egg with the $5.00 bill.

You can download it at: http://www.4shared.com/zip/VS0RNZDM/Golden_Egg.html.

Hugs, Sue

Lock You Out

One of my favorite layouts

I want to repeat one of my favorite free wordarts from the St Patrick's theme.

Hope you like it. 

Hugs,  Sue

In the galaxy

For the space lovers of the world .... and a Star Wars or two.

You can download at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/Z9D5Q-5z/in_a_galaxy.html
Hugs, Sue


For the readers among us .... this one is for you.

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/jdZY6Op7/Discount_reading_1_.html.

Hugs, Sue

Friday, March 30, 2012


After what has been one of my hardest day ....  I have finally received the phone call I have needed.  My mother is finally out of recovery.  She went into surgery this morning at 06:00am and came through surgery at 08:30am.  Able to remove the entire mass!  However, she developed unstable vital signs and difficulty stabilizing her.  At 12:00pm she started to bleed and had to be rushed back into surgery.  Unable to find bleed and surgeon just did some extra stitching.  Back in recovery and again unstable vitals.  However, they have finally stabilized her and she has been moved out of recovery. Time is now 7:00pm.  Will continued to be monitored and in a lot of pain.  But, at least I am able to breathe again.  She's still with me and that is all that counts. I wll try to talk with her in the morning.

My brother came through his surgery with flying colors.

Many ups and downs for me .... I was so elated this morning with the removal of mass, but remainder of day .... awful.  My husband and children have been right here with me!!!

Keep us in your prayers.

You can download above freebie at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/0qJB0URz/we_give_thanks.html.

Hugs, Sue

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Get Well Card

I don't often buy any type of card because I find that I just can't find just the right one.  The one that can convey just my own thoughts.  For that reason .... I make my own.

Today I am sharing with all my scrapbook family the one that I will be sending to my mother.

Here is the card:

My free wordart is:

You can download this at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/aDGz0MVz/We_can_beat_anything.html.

This is a very personal felt wordart today .... because this is what I believe with all my heart.  There has been a confusing turn of events ....  not only is my mother having surgery ... so is my brother!!!  Needless to say, I feel like God is trying to give me heart attack.  Both procedures are being done tomorrow.  This is now causing our mother to stress even more.  I just have gotten off the phone with her and needless to say .... I am trying to help her to become calmer.

So, again ..... please keep those prayers coming!!!!

Hugs, Sue

Just a peek

Sometimes even the Easter Bunny wants to see her picture.  She has her finest pretty bow on just for you.  Can you please turn her sad face into laughter!!!!!

You can download her at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/XypfDb7d/let_me_see_with_bunny_head.html.

Hugs, Sue

Just Easter Words

Today I wanted to give you just some of the words that I have used in my Easter freebies.  That way you can just add the "words in black" to those wonderful holiday scrapping layouts.  This is a set of ten ... with two of the ten being brand new.

You can find the download at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/szAUbw1m/easter_words.html.
Some of the wordart too ..... can be used in other settings than Easter .... like "some body parts should be floppy ... oh so ... floppy (exercise), or "the hunt is on" (children's games, or looking for a new house", or "there's so such thing as to much candy" (at the circus) and so much more.

Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let Me See

One of the phrases I always hear when I am taking photographs ..... especially from my grandchildren is "Let Me See".  Almost as quickly as I snap the photo, they want to look into the lens finder to see themselves.  And, if it's not them ... it's me making sure I've gotten that perfect photo.

You can download this at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/b8lRhby-/Let_me_see.html.

I bet everyone can find the perfect layout out for this freebie!!!!

Hugs, Sue

Exercise Advice

Now exercise advice comes from many different sources .... and one of my favorites is this little granny above.  She always makes me laugh.  Hope you like her just as much as I do .... and that she brought a chuckle to you, too.

You can download her at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/8Z9-ChTJ/nanas_advice.html.

Hugs always, Sue

Exercise Hug

Yes, I'm back .....  feeling again like myself. 

Everyday is always better when you can start it positively and with a little EXERCISE.  So, here is my preview.

You can download this at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/NdvVqwPq/Exercise_Hug.html.  And, can you think of a better way to start your day?

Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Morning

To all my scrapbooking friends,

I find that my need to just speak is stronger than giving a free wordart.  I hope everyone understands.

My mind is becoming completely overwhelmed by my mother.  I think about her all day long and I even awaken with her in my thoughts.  When I'm awake I now find that I seek out things that I did with my mother.  Yesterday following exercise .... I just let my car direct me.  I had the strongest urge to just find a church ... ANY CHURCH and instead I just couldn't find one.  The two that I did find were closed!!!  I ended up yelling in my car "Why God are you making this so hard!!!"  All I kept thinking was .... drive, drive, drive.  And I ended up at a park I'd never been to before.  Immediately I understood why .... my mother has always loved being in nature and even though we're thousands of miles apart.  I walked with her.  I talked to her, laughed at the bitter cold wind that was blowing, overlooked the water and watched the canadian geese.  It was everything that she loves.  The crispness of the air, the birds chirping and the silence.  So, you see ... even though I can't be with her .... just the same ... I know that God lead me there. 

I want to share that I am not going to Virginia afterall, unless it is just last minute.  The reason being ... my mother has practically begged my brother and I not to be there.  She only wants our step-father with her.  Ever single cell in my brain and heart is yelling in disagreement; but after much prayer ... I know I must abide my her wishes.  And, I know that is why I am seeking God's help with this.  And yesterday ... in the silence of a walk, I found some comfort.

Conversation with her is not easy .... I often hang up the phone feeling like a failure.  I want so much to be there and yet I get so tangled up in my words when we speak.  Sometimes I am lucky if she will talk two minutes and the longest time feels like ten minutes.  She is such a private person. 

So, with those words .... please, please keep my family in your prayers.

Hugs, Sue

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Funny Easter Eggs

Wanted to quickly get today's freebie done before I head off to church.  Need to have a great visit with the Man Upstairs .... to give that word of thanks for my mother.

Today I received an email from Sheryl at Granny Enchanted to come visit her on Pin something (sorry guys I already forgotten the name).  Loved it though .... Sheryl's blog there is just so cool.  Maybe this afternoon .... I'll get around to joining.

Today is dedicated to Miss Sheryl because on this "Pin" site, I found the cutest expressive eggs that I had to use right away.  As my creative brain cells aren't quite awake just yet ... Miss Sheryl I used your caption you had put under these adorable eggs.  Hope you don't mind.  I JUST LOVED YOUR THOUGHT .... Sheryl.  You can find her site at:  http://grannyenchanted.com.  So, if you love freebies like I do .... hers is one of the greatest.

I also want to thank the other site that went into this creation.  And that is:  http://sugarbuttdesigns.com.  Even though this was an assignment for a class .... you got a A+  ... in my book.

You can download this freebie at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/r7TGrubX/file.html.

Got to run.

Hugs, Sue

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I miss my mind

Now, I don't know about you .... but every single place you look ... we are bombarded with technology.  It's the cellphones, it's computers, it's calculators, it's remote control toys, it's EVERYTHING.

For me ..... I wonder and ponder these questions.  Now that there is texting .... will our younger generation forget how to talk!!!!  I-pods stuck in everyones ears .... no one is listening anymore to each other!!!! 

So, today .... I am poking fun!!!!  At technology!!!!

My Preview

And to see the words more clearly:

Ooops .... I almost forgot, you can download it at: 
 Hope this one brings a smile or two.

Hugs, Sue

Friday, March 23, 2012


Do you have a teenager in your house?  Are they giving you more GRAY HAIR?????  Are you thinking they should come with a label that reads "PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED"?

If that is the case .... this freebie is JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/uvru4rgl/file.html.

I hope I brought a smile or two.

Hugs, Sue

The Photograph

My creative juices have been on full drive ....

I always like to create words that I feel can be used on any layout page that has that photograph that reaches right into your heart.  My wordart today is dedicated to just that photograph.

If this is your first time to my site, I want to welcome you.  Come and go exploring because I have so many goodies for you to download.  When there is an upcoming holiday .... I do try to do at least ten free wordarts around that theme.  You will find Easter is no exception.  So, pull up at chair .... grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy.

Hugs, Sue

Flip Flops

I must ask a very important question .....

How many of you ladies are from the South?  I am a transplanted Texan that moved to Iowa four years ago to be closer to two of my children that live here.  However, every single summer without fail we make a trip down to Texas for a couple of weeks to just enjoy the HOT, HUMID weather .... hee, hee. 

Now .... no true Southerner doesn't go without these.

And, of course to all to all your ladies from the North .... flip flops can be your "glass slippers".  lol

You can download this at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/3NpmTwuy/file.html.

Hugs, Sue

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feel The Sun

Like I said .... I FEEL LIKE CREATING.

Sheryl at Granny Enchanted has put me in such a great mood .... I just have to spread the sunshine.  So, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU TOO, SHERYL.  In this freebie I am featuring one of her alphabets that just yells "COME TAKE A SMELL ... I AM HEAVENLY!!!!  And, Spring has sprung here in Iowa. 

Yesterday afternoon I was outside killing dandilions and getting my flower beds ready for loads of blossoms and blooms.  I just love to plant flowers.  MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

In addition, I want to thank Kim at Kim Cameron Designs for the elements used in my word art.  This is from her kit called "Discovery".  You can find her at:  http://kimcameron.blogspot.com.  And, of course, Miss Sheryl can be found at:  http://grannyenchanted.com

You can download this freebie at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/aMtttZ5H/file.html.

May sunshine's warmth fall on you.

Hugs, Sue

Heaven's Blessings

I always take advantage of those moments when I feel like creating.  Today is one of those days.  Later this afternoon I am doing another layout of my newest grandson, Ian.  There is always one of those photos that just shines like the stars.

You can download the above baby freebie at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/DErAk3RF/file.html.

This freebie is also dedicated to one of my favorite people that I have met.  And, that is Sheryl at Granny Enchanted.  Her site always inspires me and I just love it.  It is surprising that after five years of downloading freebies, I didn't discover her until this year.  And, I am so glad I did.  Cuz' I LOVE HER SITE.  She has featured my site more times than I can count and I wanted to show her how much I appreciate it.  Thank you Sheryl for your support.  And, I hope you like this baby wordart.  You can find her site at:  http://grannyenchanted.com/

However, to all of you scrapbook ladies (and gents) ... this wordart could be used for even those other boys and men in your life.  I can visualize it .... husband holding his son or grandpa making a special toy or a big brother or sister looking over the side of a crib.

Hugs, Sue

Grass Greener

It seems in life there comes a time when we wish for something that looks better to us .... but it always a little out of reach.

Life always hands us those little twists .... and we can just smile.

My preview today is:

For children .... this saying definately applies.  There is always "one" candy or "one" easter egg that seems bigger to another child.  Don't you agree!!!!

You can download this at:    http://www.4shared.com/zip/KfWm_R4S/file.html.

I want to thank Jaye at Scrapping Delights for her absolutely precious basket.  It just shouts springtime.   I love the colors, but most importantly I love the feel that it is saying .... Spring Is Just Around The Corner!!!!  You can find this free download at http://scrapping-delights.blogspot.com

If you are new to my site .... welcome, welcome, welcome.  I have been doing free wordart for two months now.  And, it has been one of the greatest adventures I have begun.  I have always loved to create .... whether with a paint brush, colored pencils or pen.  Digital scrapbooking is just another way of drawing and/or writing.  So, come and join my world.

Hugs, Sue 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have done numerous free wordart during the last few weeks for my mother.  She is in my thoughts daily almost every single moment.  I have been going through such a roller coaster of emotions, that I now feel so emotional spent.  I have struggled not only with her diagnosis of cancer and everything that it means .... it has brought my fears to the point that I am controlled by them.  I believe so much in the saying "Let go and let God", but unfortunately my brain doesn't want to listen.

I have finally made a decision concerning my mother's surgery next Friday on March 30th.  I will be flying home next Tuesday or Wednesday to be there with her.  This is not an easy decision, because my mother doesn't want me to come.  She entered a "denial" stage of wanting everyone to think she is fine.  She is upset that her grandchildren know and as she says .... she wants everything back to normal.  I do truly understand her feelings.  Just the same, I must do what is right in my heart.  After continuous prayer .... I know that I must be there with her.

For this reason .... I hope that everyone of my new and old friends understand that I won't be doing daily wordart until after my return back home.  I thought of trying to do wordart for about two weeks in advance .... and asking for help from Enchanted Granny on how to post daily even though I am not here.  But, I just don't have the energy to do all that work.

My estimate of time in Virginia, I think will be approximately 7 to 10 days, which have me back here around the 4th of April.

And now, the preview for today.  This is a mini set of wordart on the word faith.

You can download it at:    http://www.4shared.com/zip/R7VE8FbS/file.html.

Another closer look at the wordart is:

Again, this is dedicated to my mother.  For those that have been saying prayers for her ... her name is Christa Setunsky.  Her surgery is scheduled for March 30, 2012.  And, she is going into this surgery with a 50-50% of survival.  Please, please, please keep her and all her family in your prayers.

Hugs, Sue

p.s.  kind words and comments are always, always welcome

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clowning Around

What do you think of when the circus is coming to town?  Is it the big tents?  Is it the flying trapeze?  Is it the cotton candy?  Is it the clowns?

Yep ... yep .... yep ...

For me it's the clowns!!!!!!!

A special thanks goes out to Misty at Crazy 4-Monograms.  I have been patiently downloading this entire alphabet to use in my free wordart for what seems like forever.  Today .... Z has finally arrived.  Every single letter has been so cute and each day I have waited in anticipation to see just what Misty will create.  Thank you for all your hard work.  I just love it!!!!!  If you haven't been by her cute site, you must take a trip.  You can find her at:  http://crazy-4-monograms.blogspot.com.  And, Misty today is dedicated to you.

Must run .... I am having lunch with my daughter.

Hugs, Sue

p.s.  please do leave some love

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a riddle

Today I decided to do something a little different for my freebie.

I went on line looking for RIDDLES about EASTER.

Here's what I found .....  and you can download it at:

I want to thank the following designers from the Spring, Sun & Easter Fun March Blog Train for their wonderful elements that went into this creation.

         Bunny Ears ........  Design by Amber Shaw
         Little Yellow Chick ........ Kit Cart Designs
         Flowers ...... Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen
         Yellow Egg ...... Snips & Snail Designs

All of these fantastic, unbelievable designers can be found on the Spring, Sun & Easter Fun Blog Train, along with many others.  They are featured at the following search engines ..... Creative Busy Hands, Craft Crave and Suzee Q's Stuff.

Until tomorrow,

Hugs, Sue

You bring happy revisited

I decided to revisit this freebie that I did back in the middle of Febuary, because I think you can use it with your spring and Easter layouts.

You can download it at: 


Hugs, Sue

Sunday, March 18, 2012

True Meaning Of Easter

I don't think any words I say .... could say more than my freebie today. 

But, just in case.  I want to tell you why I chose certain elements.  The cross I made, I gave it three corners to represent three parts of my faith ... the father, the son and the holy ghost.  But, it also means far more to me; it represents three different parts of my life.  The left upper corner means my birth of my faith.  The lower left corner represents "my walk throughout my life".  The right lower corner represents "life everlasting" ... my final walk with the Lord.  The heart represents my dedication to the Lord.  Behind that cross, there are clouds.  This is the trials of life ... in which my fears make it hard for me to pray.  The upper word phrase means exactly what it says .... EVERYONE CAN ENTER.  The lower word phrase ... though very common represents not only Christ's rise, but that of God's creations.  And the stars for me ... God's presence.  The word Christ represents MY WALK with him and MY TRUST no matter what.

Again ... this is another wordart that I am dedicating to my mother.  Unfortunately procedure didn't work on Friday.  Major surgery is scheduled for March 30th.

You can download this freebie at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/afSASZCO/Christ_has_risen.html.

Happy Sunday.

Hugs, Sue

Friday, March 16, 2012

Who ate my chocolates?

I don't know about you .... does someone always want to eat your chocolate??????  I have to smile at all the memories of my children when they were young.  Every Easter (unless you only have one child) there is always the SNEAK.  They are the one ... that when his/her sibling isn't looking does the following.  TAKES A BITE OF THEIR EASTER BUNNY!!!!!

If you have one of the SNEAKERS in your house .... now you can catch that moment forever in your layout with my perfect freebie today.

Here is my preview:

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/xD6cJ3qM/who_ate_my_chocolate.html.

I want to thank my dear, dear friend Trine at Nothing But Freebies.  The elements/alphabet is one of her freebies.  I just love her site .... everything about it.  She is definately one of my favorite designers.  One of the things that I love about her site .... she has so many unique freebies; ones I never seen anywhere else.  You will NEVER be disappointed.  You can find her site at:  http://nothingbutfreebies.blogspot.com.  So hurry, hurry over .....

Just an update on my mother, too.  They are doing a less invasive precedure today, in an attempt to remove her mass due to her heart condition.  If not able to remove ... they will do major surgery.  Along with surgery ... she will be having chemo and radiation.  Please keep her in your prayers.  My prayers are that they are able to remove mass today!!!

Hugs to all, Sue

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just three mice and a black cat

One of my newest friends, by the name of Gerodean has left me some of the nicest comments and today on her site .... I found a surprise.  She has featured one of my wordart's.  And, I want to tell her thank you. 

Here is a preview of her free EMAIL card, that featured ME.

Now, I must tell you a secret ..... IF I came across one of those THREE MICE ... I'd be heading for the NEAREST CHAIR to stand on.  My legs would start to TREMBLE and my voice would start to SCREAM.  And my husband .... he would have to be the HERO.

Just the same .... in an EMAIL aren't they just the most ADORABLE little guys.  And with my BLACK CAT right there watching ......

I know THEY can't jump OFF the page.

I just love Gerodean's site.  She has so many cute MICE to send that special someone a free email to.   You can find her at:  http://gerodean.se.  To me, her site is so unique .... that the best word I can think of to describe it ..... is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! 

If you would like to download my little black St Patrick's cat, here is the preview and download.

And, again .... thank you so much Gerodean for featuring my wordart in your St. Patrick's email holiday cards.  You sure made my day.

Hugs, Sue

True Colors

One of the things my mother taught me as a child was not to be afraid to always show your true colors wherever you are.  Being shy, that was not always easy for me to do.  Yet ..... to not be afraid, it is the key.  She taught me to know that who I am is far more important than my trying to be what I thought other people wanted me to be.

For those of you that have followed my blog during the past ten days .... you know my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Today is the day we find out just what course of action her doctor will tell her he is taking.  Because I live it Iowa and my mother is in Virginia ... this isn't easy for me.

So, to all .... please keep her in your prayers.

My wordart/cluster is dedicated to her.  I love you, Mom


and to help read the words better ... here is the wordart. 

It says "To show your true colors ... you have to come out of your shell".

I also want to thank Gina at Gina's Gems Scraps for the elements that I used in the cluster/wordart.  The kit is called "Orange Ya Glad It's Easter" and can be found at http://ginasgemsscraps.blogspot.com/.  This kit is so original and I love the broken egg shell so much.  The minute I found it .... I knew I would be usin it for Easter.

This is the email I sent to my mother last night.  She had asked me to not call her, but I wanted her to know that I was thinking about her.

Let me explain it .... in my email I told her what each thing represented.  The two towers are for her and I, the red one is my mother and the green was is me.  Even though I have leaned on her .... I wanted her to know that she can lean on me.  The red hearts are to tell her I love you more.  The circle of words tell her my love will be forever.  The red flowers represents nature, where my mother spoke to me often of the power of God.  The wordart says "Always Believe" .... they are from another designer (but I honestly don't remember who).  The little red stars are because "She Is My Star".  And the believe .... why that is just because.  And, last but definately not least .... the kiss on her cheek .... that's to tell her ... I am right there beside her.

Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad Hare Day

One of the most annoying this in the morning, especially when you are RUNNING LATE is a bad hair day.

My poor little rabbit today is having such a "bad hare day" too.  His comb has broken teeth!!!  His right ear has just fallen right off!!! And, his expression says it all!!!

My preview of him:

Oops .......

You can download him at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/0cNdsqjY/bad_hare_day_2.html

Please leave some love.

Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Count Chicks

How often does it seem that we are always in a hurry.  We don't know how to stop for a breath.  Scurry, scurry .... and scurry some more.   Moving always quickly like little ants.

Today's word art is on that thought.  And here is my preview:

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/PQSbwumZ/Dont_Count_Chicks.html.

I want to thank SJ at Little Musings Blog, for the cutest five little chickidee.  They are my elements in this creation.  They are sooooooo cute, expressive and just downright adorable.  And are  here just in time for Easter.  If you are into digital stamping her site is just plain WOW.  This girl does not only stamping, she knits the most beautiful stuff, too.  Her family photos will make you just smile.  You can find her site at:  http://www.littlemusingsblog.net/.  The element I used is called "free digital stamp-Easter Chick".  Now, you just HATCH YOURSELF over to her site.

As always, I want everyone that has found my little spot here in cyberspace to always be right at home here becasue you are FAMILY.  I want to extend to NEW FRIENDS my warmest welcome.  As a retired nurse .... I found an emptiness that needed to be filled.  I missed my daily interaction with both my co-workers and my patients.  I am not happy unless I can give.  All of you are now helping to keep that "glass full".  AND I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Some Body Is Floppy

Do you have any "floppy" parts?  Alas .... I sure do!!!!  Floppy and Easter .... wow.  Now that is a combination.

Here is a preview of today's freebie.  And ....... I must tell you this one was SO MUCH FUN to make.

The magic touch don't you think is the little lady bug!!!!

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/7bCqwKaZ/Body_Parts_Floppy.html.

Hugs to all, Sue

Monday, March 12, 2012

Poetry of Life

Today I have a very special treat for everyone.  I am presenting my very first quick frame layout.

Here is the preview: 

And here is an example of the quick page.  However, you will see from the preview above I did something a little different.  I wanted the books and the little girl on the left to spill over to the background.  I do hope that doesn't cause any problems.

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/_3I_5-pC/Poetry_of_life.html

This particular layout is so special to me because yesterday, I had two comments come from a "fellow poetry writer".  I went to her site this morning just to say thank you for her comments.  It was such an overwhelming find for me, that I just had to dedicate THIS DAY to her.

 Her name is Jane and she can be found at:  http://poetryoflife-jane.blogspot.com/.  This lady writes poetry straight from her heart and you can't help but be touched by each word she has written.  She speaks of life, love, loss, happiness and so much more.  She has had a profound effect on me spiritually today and I feel that God lead me to her this morning.  One of the poems that talked directly to me .... as another creator of words ... is the poem she did called "Creativity" dated November 15, 2010.  All the words in my layout in the tan background is from that poem.  So, Jane .... thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are HEAVEN SENT.  I hope you like this quick page I did just for you.

Here is my scrapbook page I did with it .... and the boy in the photograph is my grandson, Ryan. 

To all my new friends and to all my old friends .... thank you for stopping by today. 

Update ... I will find out all the results of my mother's tests on Friday.

Hugs always,  Sue

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wobbly Legs

I am in the MOOD to create!!!!  So, instead of just one freebie today ... there a couple.

Here is another wordart freebie for St. Patrick's Day.  Here's the preview.

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/P-QLJ-Vw/Wobbly_legs.html.

I would like to thank Scrapping Mar for her wonderful elements which I used for this wordart.  The legs inspired me completely.  I can just visualize all those "Irish Lovers" enjoying those green beers.

This is the first time I have ever been to this particular site.  You can find her at:  http://scrappingmar.blogspot.com/.  The elements are a freebie being offered on her site called "St. Patrick FB Freebie".  She has many free designs and some of the prettiest kits around.  Thank you so much.

Hugs, Sue

Weekend Warriors

Just felt like reposting this for all my "WEEKEND WARRIORS".  Most of you will read this tomorrow on Monday .... and I just wanted to make you smile .... AFTERALL NEXT WEEKEND isn't that far away.

With and without eyes.  You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/9cT1MwVy/weekend_appear.html

Just wanted to help all of you "I HATE MONDAY'S" .... know that the weekend is just around the corner.

Hugs, Sue

Carry A Carrot

Can you believe it .... Easter is just around the corner.  It's time for bunnies, easter eggs and loads of candy. 

But ....

for my little bunny .... he loves carrots. 

Preview of my freebie today:

I just found this little guy just the cutest little bunny .... holding onto his carrot so lovingly.  The frame is not part of the wordart ... just felt like framing it that way.

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/0W3rAWB0/Carry_A_Carrot_Easter.html

I want to send a very special thanks out to one of my favorite designers.  This the second time I have used her in my free wordart.  And, that should tell EVERYONE how much I love her stuff.  Her name is Sophia.  You must go visit her site at:  http://zirconiumscrapssophia.blogspot.com/.  Part of the elements I used in this wordart is from her free Easter Kit called "Easter Greetings".  If you haven't been to her site ... go there right after you get off mine.  Her designs are just wonderful.

If this is your first time to my site .... WELCOME.  I have many other freebies for you to grab.

Hugs, Sue

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today's freebie has the cutest little lady .... and she has happy thoughts always.  Do you have happy thoughts today?  You should .... why because it is the weekend!!!!

My new grandson, Ian just fills my heart with happy thoughts.  Even at this very moment just thinking of him makes me smile.  It can't get better than this.

You can download her at:   http://www.4shared.com/zip/oOrT9Wh9/Multiple_rabbits.html

I want to welcome everyone that is new to my site.  Especially those from Craft Crave.  I have just been added to their site and I am so excited.  For all my "golden" friends from Creative Busy Hands, Suzie Q Stuff and Cool Scraps Digital .... I am so glad for your continued support of my site.  I have made so many wonderful friends since I began offering free wordart and all of you bring me much joy.

For all you "newbies", please take the time to explore my site.  Sit a spell and grab all the goodies that can be found here.

In addition, I want to send the BIGGEST HEARTFELT thanks for all the prayers concerning my mother.  Just your words help ease some of my anxiousness.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Sue

p.s.  Don't forget to leave some love 

Friday, March 9, 2012

All Ears

What makes a great friend?  For me the most important thing .... is to be able to just listen.

My freebie today is an easter one, but also uses the theme of listening.

Here is my preview:

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/rKeSTDBj/all_ears.html

Should anyone want this wordart without the Easter Bunny .... I will be glad to do it just that way, too.

Baby Ian is home!!!!  He is the most precious thing ever .... I just can't seem to hold him enough.  Last night though, he didn't wake up for a moment.  His Papa held him just for a second because he is making sure his two big brothers don't get jealous .... especially that 16 month old.  Elijah (16 month old) just spent all his time in Papa's lap.

Please have continued prayers for my mother ... MRI, plus other xrays being done today. 

If this is your first time to my site .... I want to welcome you with open arms.  Do come and visit often.  I offer daily free wordart.  Probably the next week or so, I will be trying to do many with the Easter theme.  Afterall, it won't be long until the Easter Bunny will arrive.  Leave some love and do become a member.

Hugs, Sue

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A grandparent again ....

I became a grandparent again .....

I don't think there is anything more treasured then to have a grandchild.  And, I have been very, very blessed.  On March 6, 2012 I received my latest gift from God.  He is my ninth grandchild and seventh little boy.  I am going for a whole football team ... hee, hee.

I am forever just amazed at each and every single person I have been so lucky to hold and love.  This newest baby is no exception.  He is just perfect .... rosy complexion, all his little fingers and toes.  He and his mother are doing just fine.

Here is my layout:

The preview is:

I have only done this freebie one way ... featured above.

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/photo/zXl2qmgY/new_grandparent.html.

I would appreciate all your continued prayers for my mother.  She is having further testing done today and tomorrow.  For those that may not know ... they discovered a mass in her colon.  Surgery will be scheduled when all the tests results are in.  As I just found this out on March 6th, the same day as the birth of my ninth grandchild .... it's somewhat overshadowed this for me.  I am trying not to worry to much until I know all the facts.  But, it's hard.

Please, do bear with me if I don't get my daily wordart done for all of you.

Hugs, Sue