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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Now, what can you say when your big brother decides that he can just BUG you. This is the case for poor Elijah. Tristan ... LOOK OUT because my day is coming for paybacks!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


In a moment, a treasured time is captured through the lens of a camera.
This scrapbook page is another I have made for my niece, Eva. In this scrapbook page I wanted to send her "the moments that matter" of her children in a different light. It's light-hearted joy and music abound. Can you hear the music playing in their smiles while, yet, another picture is taken. Aren't they quite a good looking gang?

Personality In Red

I have a member of my family that I would like to introduce. Her name is Eva. To me, she is the very representation of the meaning of the word "music". Every single thing about her tells you this. She is bold of personality, yet tender in emotion. Her favorite color is red. In this tribute to her, I included not only a piano but most importantly this dancer. I think she is much like her ... leaping forward with enthusiasm towards life.

Looking Into His Eyes

Isn't he just the cutest "little man" you have ever seen? He is smiling continually and even will coo for you. He definately knows how to keep your attention. But, I find ... I just get caught up in his eyes and that makes my heart smile.