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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where is the golden egg?

Do you have any special traditions when it comes to your Easter Eggs?  Do you hide plastic ones?  Do you hide real hard-boiled eggs?  Do you hide money eggs? 

In my home, my children grew up with many styles of "Easter Eggs".  When they were really small, the Easter Bunny brought plastic eggs. 

Then as they grew ... the tradition of colored hard-boiled eggs became part of each Easter, with my children painting, coloring their own special ones. 

Then as they became pre-teen there was the start of money eggs.  I'd make a trip to the bank and get loads of change filling each plastic egg with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  There was always a minimum of fifteen eggs for each one of my three and when they'd found fifteen that was it. 

As they became teenagers, the fun changed completely .... they still had money eggs but each had to contribute to the eggs if they wanted to hunt for them.  The requirement was $ 3.00 in coins and I hid three eggs with a $1.00 bill and one egg that said the word "Golden" inside and it held a $ 5.00 bill. 

This game has never stopped.  As they became young adults and they each got their own significant other the games continued.  None of their spouses had ever hunted for "money eggs".  Everyone had to contribute $ 3.00 in coins and I continued to add the one dollar bills and five dollar bill.  No one was allowed to play except the adults.  And, it was always John and I that hid the eggs.

As they have had children, if they do get together they like to continue this game among themselves and their friends.  No matter who plays $ 3.00 must be contributed.  It's funny, last Easter Drue(my son)  made me do this with his neighbors and I hid the eggs. 

And, ofcourse for my three even to today .... I always, always buy each of them anything made with "Reeses Pieces".

My freebie today is made for this tradition......

You can download this at:

I have done this two different ways for you.  One is just a wordart and the other is done with children, as that is my memory of the "Golden Egg".

Friday, March 15, 2013

Just the best feelings

Yesterday I found the cutiest free digital stamp and I have spent all morning coloring her and trying to think of the perfect words.  She is one of those big eyed beauties that just captures your heart.  I did her in my favorite colors as a tribute not only to Easter, but the colors of the Isle of Ireland.

Here is my preview:
Credits to:
Meagan's Creations her kit called "Free Spirit"
Craft Gossip for her simply gorgious digital stamp called "Girl with Bunny"
You can download her at:
Also, included are just three separate examples of the wordart for your pleasure.
Additional previews:
They can also be downloaded at:
I have had so much fun this morning .... it is not often that I just play and that is exactly what I did.  It is just like "tickling my brain" when I decide to just go with it.  Plus, I just fell absolutely in love with this sassy little lady.  I will send this as an Easter Card to my granddaughter, Abby ... who is thirteen going on forty!!!!  Actually, this will also be a new experience for me.  I am going to try my hand at making a card.
For those of you new to my site.  Welcome new friends.  If you have the time do come and sit for a spell and grab all my freebies.  I know that I have over four hundred of them for your pleasure.  My two favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween, with Easter now coming up in third place.  Most of my freebies are around a special holiday, too.
To my "oldies but goodies" you are the silver lining of my blog.  It is always through your continued support that I am able to do something I love so much.
Don't forget to leave some love and if you should have any special requests don't hesitate to ask.
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Little Things

I often find that it is the little things that we cherish the most.  It is those unexpected smiles that warm our heart.  It's that special moment which was captured behind a lens.  For some of us, we turn those into scrapbook layouts and for others they are turned into beautiful cards.  I am lucky enough to have both kinds of creators come to my blog.

Today my wordart is one of those.  But, I am continuing to make my wordart around the theme of Easter.

And, my preview:
You can download this at:
You can download this at:
I find that this holiday in so many ways is as special as that of Christmas.  As I walk around the stores, my spirits become lightened with all the spring colors.  It really makes me believe that flowers, easter baskets, bunnies and colored eggs are just around the corner.  Are you feeling it, too?
I have left the tag blank because I wanted you to be able to personalize.  May the warmth of spring be a wink away.
Hugs, Sue

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hippity Hoppity

Elements credited to:
Digi Deborah's for the Spring wordart in kit named "Spring, Sun and Easter"
You can download it at:
Did you know that the Easter Bunny is busy, busy and just more busy coloring all those thousands of eggs for everyone's baskets.  As a little girl, I just couldn't wait to go find each and every single one.  Some of mine contained candy, but most of the eggs were REAL. 
My mother always included one egg that was BROWN and one egg that was WHITE.  Each had a special place in our Easter decorations.  The white represented Christ's birth and the brown represented the death and resurrection of Christ, both coming from the stable where Jesus was born.  Both treasured above else.  Whoever found them, placed it next to the Bible and our cross and became an intricate part of the story of Easter.  
And, if your children are little (hard boil them)
and leave them their natural color.
And, this tradition was carried on with my children
and it has continued now that my children have
children.  Hopefully it will never end.
And, just like all children .... I remember the fun of coloring the eggs.  The laughter, the spilled food color and the funny faces.  And, as my children became older .... the money eggs also made their appearances, but the "TREASURED NATURAL EGGS" still had THEIR place of honor in our homes.
Image of our eggs.
Just wanted to share another one of our traditions.  Who knows maybe you will want to start this one in your own home.
May your day be filled with love and laughter.  Hugs, Sue

No bunny like you

I have had the morning to myself and I decided to take full advantage of it.  Isn't it wonderful when the house is quiet and as you look outside, you can say to yourself .... it's another beautiful day.  I have had a full, full weekend with birthday parties. 

It is hard to believe that my littliest grandson, Ian is now one year's old.  He is just an absolute cutie and has his Nana just wrapped around his little finger.  He just smiles super big and puts his little arms up to be held when ever I see him.  His personality is just sunshine, because is always, always happy.  He is a little demanding though and all of sudden if he is left by himself ... he get UPSET!!!!  He didn't really know what to think of all the people at his birthday and he definately didn't want anything to do with putting hands in his cake!!!!  I will include some photos later this week.

And, now to my first Easter creation this year.  I do hope that you like it.  He is a very serious bunny and knows that his egg has to be painted just right.  He is an outdoor bunny and loves working in the sunshine.

Here is my preview:
elements:  Easter Bunny by Pixie Treasures
You can download him at:
It has been so much fun to get back into the swing of just letting my imagination take me where ever and honestly when I start creating I don't always know where I am going to end up!!!  And, that is half of the fun of it all.  Does that happen to anyone else????
If you are new to my blog, please do come and sit a spell.  I have so many wonderful goodies here to share with you.  Hopefully you are familiar with labels ... that is where I have grouped my treats for everyone.  I mostly create around particular holidays.  And, right now I am working on my Easter ones.  If you didn't get a chance over the weekend, please do go and grab the two kits on the Easter theme that I did.  Each one includes over ten wordarts.  And, I want to welcome you all to my blog.
One of the ways, I can know if you like my stuff is to leave a comment .... SO PLEASE DON'T FORGET.
Hugs to all, Sue

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easter Sets Continue ....

As I have not one, but two birthday parties this weekend I need to rely on the past.  Thank heavens for things already made.  Aren't you lucky my friends!!!!!

My grandson, Ian will be having his first birthday party this afternoon and yesterday our closest friends here in Iowa grandson also turned one.  Two birthday parties for one year olds .... wow!!!!  Family has also arrived from Texas for Ian's birthday (his other set of grandparents) so we have all been visiting with each other, too.

Ofcourse, my camera will be with me today .... so I just might have to post alot of "birthday celebration" next week.

Here is the last of last year's Easter creations .....

You can download these at:
Starting on Monday I will be creating Easter freebies for this year .... but at least this way I was able to get a great start for everyone.  Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Sue

Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter Sets

I have been just bogged under this week and just can't seem to find the time I need for everything that I am trying to do this week.  So, again my friends I will be relying on my creations from last year.  It is my way of making sure that I get those freebies out to the weekend collectors that I know don't have time during the week.

Here is the preview of Easter Set No. 1

You can download the set at:
I do hope that in this set there are a few that everyone loves.
I do want to bring to the attention of everyone, one of these freebies was created last year by my granddaughter, Allison when she was seven years old.  It is the one called "Cute and fuzzy as a bunny".  She still continues to help me create and amazingly is more at home on the computer then I am.  The CS5 Photoshop is still with it's learning curve for her and she is just as smart as a whip.  There is nothing that I have to show her more than once.
And, with that .... this is my start for this Easter season.
Hugs to all, Sue

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This will be my last St Patrick's themed freebie.  Tomorrow I will begin on Easter, as it is only a couple of weeks away.

I truely don't like these two holidays right on top of each other.  Easter, like Christmas and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I guess because in my mind "I see children".  It's another one of the holidays where families come together and celebrate.

Here is my preview:
You can download it at:
May the luck of the Irish be with you always .....
Hugs, Sue

Monday, March 4, 2013

Surround Yourself With Green

Oh, have all my creative wheels been turning ... and today is no exception.  I must say, I really REALLY like this one.

It just came together wonderfully.

Here is my preview:
element credits:  leina for faery
chunlin designs for the heart
You can download it at:
I want to extend a special thanks to Leina for her absolutely beautiful artwork that she does of the most amazing faeries and many other things.  It is the eyes of her faeries that I find just gorgious.  I do want to make sure the credit is given to her.  Her site is at:  http://www.leina.de/home.htm.   You need to stop by and see all of her outstanding work.
I will be starting by the end of the week to begin creating with the theme of Easter because it sure will be here before we know it.  Boy oh boy ... these two holidays in March.  STRESSFUL!!!!  Plus, I have three birthdays (grandson Ian, 1 yr on March 6), (my mother on March 7), (daughter, Angie on March 27) and my anniversary on March 17th.  Looks like my checkbook will be empty!!!! 
Don't worry .... I LOVE SPENDING MONEY!!!!
Hugs, Sue



Sunday, March 3, 2013

Very Irish Person

Do you know a    very irish person ????  And, isn't that nice? 

Not much writing today because I need to get ready for church in a minute .....

Here is my preview

It says ....
Very Irish person
(I'll come back when you're sober)
Will you now?
You can download this at:
I just love to poke fun at everything ....
And, since this holiday is famous for drinking and laughter and maybe even an occasional "irish jig" .
What can I say .....
Hugs, Sue

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Leprechaun

Now I don't know about you .... but, sometimes I don't look at the Leprechaun as a "good guy".  Nope, I think that he is very "naughty" guy.  It's just a matter of your perspective. 

Now, if he brought me a "pot of gold" ... that would win my favor or a nice glass of "green beer" and that would be even BETTER!!!!!

Today I have made my freebie in more than one way .... those for you that look at the leprechaun as "heaven sent" or those of you that look at him "hell sent".

So, here is my freebies for your Saturday.

You can download them both at:
And, I don't know about anyone else .....
but, I want a combination of both!!!!!
I want to thank everyone that is making a stop at my blog today and I want to wish you all a fantastic weekend.  Hopefully if there are any of you getting caught in this snow .... please stay safe.  And, I know I said I loved snow ..... but I am ready for spring!!!!  How about you?
Hugs, Sue

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Appear

Where or where is the weekend????????

You can download this one at:
I just couldn't resist reposting this one.  Just an oldie but goodie .... and it says it all.  No further words from me needed.
Have a grand weekend.  Going to Dubuque to spend the weekend with my daughter, Christa and grandbabies.  Can't wait cause' it's a weekend of basketball!!!!!
Hugs, Sue