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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby to little girl

Welcome to the month of October!!!!

For about five days I am going to do freebies on the theme of Family.  Here is my first one and I do hope that you like it.

It is called "Baby to Little Girl"
and dedicated to all
the Daddy's out there
both young and old!!!
Here is my preview:
You can download it at:

I am also giving this minus "when her father gives her away"
in png format.

The idea came from the song "When A Girl Changes From Bobbie Socks To Stockings" with my own little twist on it.  It represents the "First Love" of every single baby girl .... that says Dada.  And, then when Daddy is still the love of her life .... he teaches her the true meaning of unconditional love.  This will lead some day to "her Man of her Dreams", just like her Daddy was for her mother.
This one was very heartfelt to make, because I am married to just such a man .... and his love has never stopped shining for his daughters or son.  And, I am pleased as punch to say .... our children have the same kind of soul mates that I do.
Leave some love as always.  And I continue to welcome all my newbies to this blog and hugs as always to all my great old friends.
Hugs, Sue

A Set Of Halloween Cats

I have received a request from one of my newest friends that has just found my blog.

Requests are something that I always try to do and finish for that "special lady".  So .... there it is for you.  With a little sweet sugar coaxing-- I am to please.

This one is dedicated to you, Decosse's Dynamite Doodles
Preview of Set of Halloween Cats
I do hope at least one of them is just what you have been looking for!!!!!
You can download them at:
Whew .... THIS IS ALL FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!   Spooks, goblins, witches, black cats, spiders, moons and haunted houses IT IS TIME TO GO!!!  I have enjoyed your visit into my brain ..... but I hear CHRISTMAS calling me with a LOUD ROAR !!!!!!!
Hugs, Sue
p.s.  Don't forget to leave me so love.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

And the Halloween Words

I just wanted to bring this month of Halloween to you with my own form of Halloween Treats.
I have made a set of 18 "just words" of my creations this month.


This is only four of the eighteen total wordarts that are in this set.
You can download it at:
There are just to many for me to show a preview of each of the eighteen "just" words in this Halloween Kit that I put together from all of the daily freebies that I did during this month.  This is my special, special gift to EVERYONE.
If you like the idea of my doing this once a month when I do an entire month on one subject matter, and I will take it under advisement.  Don't forget to leave LOTS of LOVE.
I also want to send a BIG HUGE thank you to http://freedigitalstamps.com.  This month they added me to their site and I am meeting so many new friends through them.  This site is a card making site with many freebies offered to card makers, digital scrapbookers and photographers alike.  If you haven't been to their site yet .... make it a REGULAR STOP because you won't regret it ever.
Hugs to all, Sue

Happy Boo Day

You can download at:
As I bring the Halloween freebies to an end this year, I do hope everyone has grabbed their share to enjoy.  May all your Halloween memories be as special this year, as all of you, are to me.
Hugs, Sue

Friday, September 28, 2012


A couple of days I received one of my most cherished comments I have received.  It is one that I will cherish always.  Because of her special words I have wanted to do something just for her.  One of the things that caught my eye so much was her "name".  She calls herself the "silverbutterfly".  I just loved it so much, I quickly wrote back to her to ask her if I could use it in one of my free wordarts.

Silverbutter .... this one is dedicated to you.

The preview is:
You can download this at: 
I also want to dedicate today to a unbelievably talented artist.  Her sketches and drawings are so beautiful and touching.  She is able to capture the essence of beauty in the "eyes" of her subject matter.  Her name is Meago and she displays her artisty at Deviantart.  If you would like to go take a look at her work, she can be found at:  http://meago.deviantart.com.  Thank you, Meago ... I go to your site often because your talent is extraordinary.
Until tomorrow.
Hugs, Sue

Once Last Dracula

One last Dracula is being brought as I bring my Halloween freebies to an end. 

Here is his preview:

You may download him at:
I have enjoyed making all of these Halloween freebies for everyone during this month of September.  There will be one more freebie themed Halloween.  As my extra treat, I have done a set of my Halloween wordart, minus elements for those of you that just might want only "words".  I will be offering it, as well tomorrow.
On October 1st .... I will be doing just a few under the brand new group of freebies that I am doing under the theme of family.  My Thanksgiving and Christmas ones will be starting to roll out about the middle of October.  However, in the month of October I will be gone from the 4th thru the 10th to Texas to visit my daughter in Texas.
I will get as many of the "family themed" ones out, but will continue them among the two upcoming holidays with the majority of them done in December.  I just wanted to let you all know what is coming.
Again, thank you for all your support and wonderful comments.  So many of you have just put a lump in my heart when I read your words ... your kindness and praise .... wow, what can I say.
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Memories

I have my moments when I have a very hard time trying to think of another free wordart.  This morning is one of those times.  As I search my brain for something that I think is new and different, yet something that is just one of those everyday moments during Halloween .... I get stumped.  So, I do hope EVERYONE appreciates my DEEP THINKING this morning.

Here is my preveiw

And, you can download it at:
Tomorrow will be my last Halloween element with wordart.  On Saturday I will try to post the majority of my wordart minus elements .... for those of you that like creating your own elements around the words.  That is my Halloween treat for October 1st.
For all my newbies and oldie friends that come to my site on a regular basis, I want to extend each and everyone of you a heartfelt thank you.  I have just about completed my nine month (Oct 1st) that I begun this journey of free wordart.  And, it is you guys that make me want to keep coming back each day to share my love of words, digital elements and my creative ways of putting them together.
As soon as I fold the load of clothes in my dryer .... I am heading outside to take some fall photographs of all the changing colors.  Need to fill my heart with the glories of nature.
Hugs, Sue  

Happy Halloween Spook House

You can download this at:
As a I have been collecting digital elements for over ten years now, I have such a large, gigantic, oversized library that I never run out of things to use in my free wordart.
This particular little frame, especially the haunted house I want to send out my thanks to one talented lady out there is cyberland.  Unfortunately, I don't know who the artist is.  Just the same .... should anyone know who she is .... do let her know.  On her elment the only clue I have is:
RR EK BOOville
Do hope someone out there may know who this talented lady is so I can thank her properly.

SPECIAL NOTE:  I have just received a comment telling me who created this cute, cute spookhouse.  I do want to make sure that she gets full credit for the design element.  Her name is Ellen @ www.raspberryroaddesigns.net. and she offers free clusters.  It has been a while since I have been to the site and I plan to make a visit as soon as possible.  So, Miss Ellen .... this free wordart is dedicated to you and your talent that you share with all of us.  
Last word of news:  I HAVE MY HOUSE BACK!!!! 
No daughter, no son-in-law and no three grandchildren age 12, 10 and 8.
I did enjoy having them so much .... but I got exhausted!!!! 
As they say .... fish and family are exactly the same .... after five days ... they both start smelling!!!! And .... nine days is just plain to long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs always to everyone, Sue

Vampire Element

I normally don't just send out one of my elements, but I have had a special request for this one.  So, here all of you out there that like just collecting special elements without the free wordart.  This one is for your collection.
Lisa this one is for you and also correct the corrected "too" old freebie
You can download it at: 
Happy bewitching of vampire princess's to all.
Hugs, Sue

Oops errors

I received many, many comments yesterday about my teenager and "no trick or treating" about the misspelled word "too".  And, I always, always aim to spell .....  what would I do without you guys!!!  hee hee.

I am so glad that so many of you told me how much you liked it, too.

Here is my corrected preview:

You can download the corrected version (which is in png format) at:

Also, glad to hear that I have so many of you curious about what my next theme just might be.  Like to keep you guys on your toes.

Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Toooooo Old!!!!


Do you have a teenager in your house?  Or is it just that middle-schooler?  When do you get to old to go Trick or Treating????  Now ..... in my house, I can remember with my kids that the last year was the age of twelve!!!!

When that year arrived ..... I always had unhappy campers at my house!!!!  They just didn't want to give up the candy!!!!!  Whoever didn't get to go .... always, always stole candy from my ones that went!!!  Believe me ... I always ended up wanting to KILL my kids!!!!!  Who'd believe "teenagers" can act that way towards their siblings!!!!  lol

This is my way of poking fun at that "age" that always arrives!!!  For some of your children it is much easier than others.  Maybe you can catch "your toooo old kiddo in that special scrapbook page.

Here is a preview:

You can download at: 
Hugs and more hugs,  Sue
p.s.  Once we get to the first of October .... my halloween freebies are coming to an end.
        It's time for me to move on to another topic.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hearts and vampires

Now I don't know about you .... but vampires usually don't bring me images of hearts. 

Yet this little lady is just sure to win your heart or possibly eternal love, which ever you may prefer.  She's has her little heart just asking for your love and devotion ... and her gift is her little pumpkin to share this Hallow's Eve.

Here is a preview of her:

You can download her at:  https://rapidshare.com/files/2499357700/2%20cute%202%20spook.zip

Has she captured your heart YET!!!!!!!

My days of family company are slowly coming to a close and I really don't know if I'm happy or sad!!!!  I am definately wanting my home back ..... BUT!!!!!  I am going to MISS EVERYONE so much.

Hugs and happy thoughts, Sue

Friday, September 21, 2012

Three for the weekend

I know I am a woman of few
words, but these past days
are so, so, so busy!!!!
I have a couple of hours to myself
before my daughter, husband and grandkiddos
get back here this afternoon
and I need a nap!!!!
Tomorrow is another full-packed
to the rim day.
My youngest GRANDSON, Ian is being
christened tomorrow.
Loads of family staying at his house, too.
It just makes me exhausted thinking about this weekend.
Also, my daughter and family are "officially"
without a home .... house signed over
to new owners this morning.
There's a chance they may close on their new
home too, on October 1st instead of October 8th.

And, last but not least .... have a wonderful weekend.  I will not be posting
any other freebies over the weekend.  I just don't have
time to create any others.

Hugs, Sue

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Very quick stop .....  I want to make sure you received
a freebie today.
I am super busy helping my daughter ....
moving van is there today.
First night went relatively well ...
only problem
Air Blower didn't want to work and we
ended up going to Walmart after
nine o'clock pm
Not fun!!!!!
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving Day

My thoughts today have been alittle sad, as my daughter is about to move.  The packers arrived early this morning.  She and her family will be staying with us for eight days and then will move to Dubuque, Iowa.

I felt like just doing a freebie today to reflect my feelings.  I have done it two different ways for you.

and the other way is without
daughter's gift

You can download at:
It's really hard to see her leave.  But, I am about to go and spend the rest of today with her and bring her some lunch.  How does chinese sound everyone.
Hugs, Sue

Ready for my close-up

One of the things that you don't see except at Halloween Parties ..... is dancing.  I remember my daughter, Christa's first Halloween party when she was fifteen.  Costumes adored our garage, decorations were hung and the music was blasting.  And there was a vampire or two!!!!

There is my preview:
and I also did this with a white vampire couple
You can download them both at:
Ahhhhhhh .... the world of make believe.
Is this is your first time to my site, welcome new friends.  And for all my old ones, I am so glad you stopped by for a visit.  And, if you have time .... do sit a spell for there are so many wonderful halloween themed freebies for you to grab. 
Don't forget to leave some love.  And do consider joining, too my blog.
Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not amuzed


Another one of my favorite little guys.  I found him actually this morning and I'm love the heart eye.  He's a fierce looking furry critter, but that heart just gives it all away.  HE HAS A HEART OF TENDERNESS.  Just don't forget to give him loads of candy or he just might leave you SHARP PENCILS!!!!

For those of you that might be having trouble downloading from rapidshare.  When the site comes up, it looks like you have come to their home page.  Please be patient .... within a second ... another screen comes up with the download button in the center.

Hugs, Sue

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cat in a pumpkin

One of my friends yesterday said she had trouble downloading from Rapidshare.  I set this one up in 4shared just for you.  Hugs, Sue

If you take a close look at this freebie ..... you will notice I misspelled the word "here".  I was just to lazy to start all over again, so I hope you don't mind I corrected inside the circle with the correct "hear".
That's all for today.
Lots of love, Sue

Star Wars

I have a special free wordart of all the Star Wars characters that come to visit all our neighborhoods during Trick or Treat.

Here is a preview:
I found this today on www.diviantart.com created by JazzeyKitty under the theme of Cute Star Wars Mini Skulls.  Neither one of us want or are taking credit for creating these little icons, but I did want to pass them on to all those Star Wars fans out there.  I just thought they were perfecto for a Halloween scrapbook page.
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Sue

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Witches Bring the Season

I just keep from jumping from one character to another .... searching for the perfect little element from my unbelievable stash.  I have been collecting digital designs for more years than I can count.  Before digital scrapbooking, I did regular scrapbooking ... so in the process I have such a full library.  I started collecting designs way back in the early 2000's.

Today I was looking for just the right witch to do my freebie element around.  And, do believe I found her.

Here is her preveiw:
You can download it at: 
I want to extend a special thanks out to a amazing artist, who's talent with colored pencils is outstanding.  She can be found at http://ebruvatansever.blogspot.com.  The little witch is from Bella's Sketches and is called Little Witchy.  I am not real familiar with Bella's Sketches, but just the same .. I absolutely love this blogspot.  One of the things I always do .... is dedicate my wordart of the day to that designer and site and today is no exception.  So, don't forget to go and take a visit.  She designs cards and they are so cute.  She will take you step by step and is so easy to follow and one of your own.  My thanks again.
And, I do hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Here the weather was sooooo beautiful and I got to spend loads of time outside.  Took my grandbabies (the little one's just outside in the backyard), visited with son and daughter-in-law and went on an adventure with my hubby while he looked for the new Apple Nano.
Have a great Monday.
Hugs, Sue

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The cutest mummy ever

Now, this little guy to me is the cutest, most adorable, just the most handsome like mummy ever.

He is from my stash for last Halloween .... but I want to preview him again.  That is just how much I love him.

My preview:
You can download him at:
That is all for those Sunday weekend downloaders.  I do hope that one of them for today will find the perfect home for a Halloween scrapbook page.
Don't forget to leave me some love, as I love hearing from all of you.  And, I am finally off to sit on the deck and enjoy the sunset.
Hugs always, Sue

Sugar High

Now, part of the holiday of Halloween .... the parent's nightmare.

Sugar High
Preview of my freebie
I know, I know .... I am person of few words today.
What can I say .....
I want to get outside!!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Perfect Pumpkin

You can download this at:  https://rapidshare.com/files/1745561400/perfect%20pumpkin.zip

Sometimes the perfect pumpkin just may be the one with a load of personality that someone left at the pumpkin patch.  In this case ....  this poor guy is saying "Why didn't you pick me!!!!"

Enjoying all this great weather .... going to go sit on the deck real soon.

Hugs, Sue

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bearly Wait

You can download this at:
This is my last one for today!!
I always when possible try to make sure
there are loads for everyone
to download on the weekends!!
May your weekend be filled with fun,
And plenty of sun.
Surrounded by family, friends one and all,
Yes, for everyone to enjoy during this new fall.
Watching football.
Hugs to everyone.

Haunting Houses

I just changed my site look and I do hope you all like it.  The photos are of my granddaughter, Allison and myself .... and just a little bit of humor taken from "The Night Before Christmas".

Here is a preview of another goodie .... ohhhhhh sooooo sorryyyyy it's not in the form of candyyyyy!!!

You can download this at:  https://rapidshare.com/files/578182801/Haunting%20Houses.zip

Just little more goodies for the weekend.

Hugs always,  Sue


Just A Smile

Why is it I can't get enough of Halloween .... I really did try to do one that was more for Autumn!?!?  Really I did .......

Here's your preview:

You can download this at:
It has been so much fun for me to create these Halloween freebies for you .... it's the cooler weather that is making me so READY for fall.
If any of you have any suggestions on what you might like me to create for Halloween for you, don't hesitate to let me know in a comment.  I love using my creative juices to create just that very special one just for you.
As always, again welcome to my little space of heaven.  I love being here each and every day.  This has become my FUN-FILLED job.
If you haven't joined my blog, please do ......
Hugs, Sue

Haunted House

I received a comment yesterday, that one of my friends had trouble downloading from rapidshare, so just for her I am reposted my haunted house.

Hopefully this works for her.

I also want to thank one of my comments that helped me find www.manic.mother.com/2009/09/how-to-make-grab-my-button-box.html.  I was able to follow the instructions without any problem and now I have my own BLINKIE.  Something new to add to my site.  I AM SO HAPPY!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trying to make my own blinkie

I have been trying to make a blinkie for my site.  If anyone can tell me how to get this set up as a blinkie .... I'D GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.  I don't know how to get it into HTML or set-up on my layout.  Took me a while just to figure out how to make the animation.  Help ...........................

And today's free wordart is about haunted houses:

You can download it at:

Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spirit of Halloween

Just another day filled with Halloween thoughts ..... if you haven't guessed yet.  This is one of my favorite holidays.

I live in a neighborhood that celebrates this children's holiday.  Every year John and I sit outside with our big bowl of goodies dressed in  own costumes and enjoy all the kiddos.  I am thinking about being a "flower child" this year.  John doesn't change ... he doesn't wear a costume!!!!  I keep trying and he keeps ignoring me!!!

Here is my preview for today's:

You can download this at:
Don't forget that when you go to their site; it looks like you
are on their homepage ... downloading is in the center.
Just a quick stop today .... I've got so many errands to go run and I need to get on the road.
Have a wonderful, blessed day.
Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pick of the patch

You can download this at:
Again, if you are new to this site .... it will look like you are going
to Rapidshare home page; the download is in the center (download to computer)
This is a tried and true Halloween wordart.  It has been used many times and I can always find another way to say it.  This time, I did this one more with thoughts of fall.  As the temperatures are slowly starting to drop (yea .... no more 100 degrees), I am looking forward to football games, walks in the parks with the changing leaves, winter clothes and so much more.  My little fairy is my representation of Autumn. 
Hope you like her.  It looks to me .... that she is sending everyone happy thoughts for today.
Hugs, Sue

In honor of September 11, 2001

Today is a very important day for all us here in this country.  No matter where you were at that moment, it has left an mark on all our lives. 

For me personally .... I was working in Post Partum at the hospital as a nurse.  I remember how clearing during my morning rounds of checking on those new mothers, do assessments, checking vitals, touching new bundles of joy, teaching breast feeding and all the other busy things that morning held being stunned to complete unbelief.  I was with a new mother, while we both watched that first plane hit the tower.  It was like watching a action packed movie .... but it was real!!!!  Shock is the only word that truely describes that shift.  Our jobs as nurses because more one of emotional support for each other, and our new mothers.  It was one of the hardest days captured forever in my memory.

For many years, I have looked for and collected photographs that to me reflects the pride of being an American.  The one used in the making of this particular freebie is dedicated to the beautiful girl.  I feel so honored to share this with all of you.

You can download it at:
This day and this wordart is dedicated to an unbelievable talented photographer.  Her eye for creating some of the most beautiful artword through a lens is unbelievable.  She takes you on a trip through the world of yesterday, captured with just a click.  I often go to her site just to read.  She makes me happy and she brings me inner peace.   She makes the everyday just so special. 
The above photograph can be found on her blog under Monday, July 4 2011 and her site is:
Weefairie Photography
(she has free downloads)
Project 365 is where you can find her photography, which is
to the right on her home page.
To all of us .... love.
Hugs, Sue


Love Hugs

You can download there.
When you go to download it will look like you are going to the
Rapidshare Home Page.  The download link to your computer is
in the middle.
Now just a few words.  As you entered my site .... you know that I am "sparkle, dust touched" by fairies.  I think I want to become one when I leave this world!!  They represent the stillness of goodness and hope that you feel in a single moment when your heart fills with joy.  Often those moments come when you least expect it.
And this little fairy dressed in her bewitching dress is no exception.  She''s come to tell you .... be still and just listen with all your heart because if you need love or a hug, she's about to sit on your shoulder in the quickest of moments and steal a soft kiss on your cheek.
Can you feel the love!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Who Said Boo

Yea ..... I am recaught up now. 

Here is the freebie that I just finished for today.

You can download it at:
Again, when you go to download on Rapidshare it will
appear that you may be going to their homepage, but just
give it a second and it will redirect you to "download to computer"
and there is no wait .... it's an instant download.
And, I want to thank everyone for being patient with me .... after all the trouble to download my freebies.  I have had just to much trouble with 4shared and I also tried Mediafire.  I don't know what I am doing wrong in Mediafire and I haven't received any support help EVER, so that made me look for a brand new site.  I really, really, really like Rapidshare, so give them a try if you are looking for a site yourself.
Hugs, Sue

Best Friend

Trying to catch up after spending so much time yesterday trying to learn a new way around the site, Rapidshare.  If you are looking for a new site for your own designs I highly recommend this one.  The support staff are not only prompt, they will step you through any problem you may have.  The efficiency of setting up an account, uploading, downloading and file manager are fantastic.  It takes about half of the time I was taking at 4share and mediafire.  I love them.

Now on to my design preview:

You can download this at:
Again, when you go to download it, it will appear that you are going directly
to Rapidshare's Home page, it will quickly take you to page that says
download to computer.

This is an old favorite of mine that I did a couple of years ago, with some minor changes for
all you RIDDLE LOVERS.  You can't have BFF without love, too.

For those new to my site ..... I want to thank you for stopping by to visit just a little part of my home away from home.  I have so many freebies for you to collect and my library just continues to get bigger and bigger.  If you have time .... come sit a spell and enjoy your digital scrapbooking grabs.

Don't forget to leave some love.

Hugs, Sue

Repost bubble, bubble spooky

This is a repost from Sepember 7, 2012:

Today is my BIRTHDAY and I am feeling very bubbly and looking for FUN trouble. And as my special treat today .... I have three deliciously spooky, halloween stories and vampire love free wordarts for you today as MY PRESENT to all my fantastic friends.

It's bubble, trouble ...........

And you can download this at:
When you go to download it will seem like it is taking you to Rapidshare
homepage, however within seconds it will take you download to your computer.
This is for you new to Rapidshare.
And Halloween stories .......

and you can download this one at:
Download same as above. 
And vampire .......

and you can again download this at:
Download the same as above
I am curious ..... which one do you like the most today? Do leave me a comment and let me know. I have my favorite and I am soooooo curious how many people like my favorite creation for today.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled, tummy laughter, new experience this weekend .... and most IMPORTANT hug someone this weekend, too.

Love all you guys and hugs, too. Sue

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Problem Solved

No problems any longer .... I learned how to do this right.  Thank heavens Rapidshare has been so helpful.  Everything that I have posted can be downloaded now from September 9, 2012.  There is a total of three new downloads. 

Tomorrow I will repost those from September 7-8th for those that had trouble.

Hugs, Sue

p.s.  This only took me three hours to correct.  Aren't you all proud of me







Batmobile Is Missing

I've lost my batmobile.

You can download this at:

When you go to above site, it will look you are their homepage, but in the middle
it says download to your computer and that is where you download.
I have seen many a batman at Halloween .... none of them arrive in their batmobiles.  And since, there are so many little boys that just love playing with Batman .... I couldn't resist adding a little Halloween humor for those special little batman costumes that just need to be scrapbooked this holiday.
Don't forget to leave alittle love because that is how you can MAKE MY DAY.
Hugs, Sue

Worst Nightmare

You can download this at:
when you go to download, it will look like you have gone rapidshare home page.
Right in the middle is where you download to your computer.
Just a quick note with this one.  The bat is by far so goofy that I just had to think of something to put around this little guy.  I'm not sure though if I'd want to meet up with this character in the night, afterall he just might bite me!!!
Hugs, Sue

Give me candy

I have been having SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!  I am trying a brand new site called Rapid Share.  And hopefully now ..... EVERYONE CAN GET THEIR DOWNLOADS again!!!!  I'm mad at free sites and I did some research and this site seemed like the best.  I don't want anymore headaches.
My freebie today is around the theme of candy and Halloween.


You can download at:

When you go to download it will look like you have been taken to
Rapidshare home page.  In the center of that page it says download to
your computer and that is where you download.

As alway I want to recognize and thank my primary element used in this freebie.  A special thanks goes out to Trina Clark at www.digiscrapskits.com for her absolutely adorable designing.  I have purchased so many of her kits because I JUST LOVE THEM.  Their soooooo cute.  If you have never visited her site, please do stop and sit a spell because you won't regret it for a moment.
And, I again want to thank every single one of you that have stopped by today.  I feel so blessed having so many wonderful friends.
Hugs, Sue

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bubble, trouble .....

Today is my BIRTHDAY and I am feeling very bubbly and looking for FUN trouble.  And as my special treat today .... I have three deliciously spooky, halloween stories and vampire love free wordarts for you today as MY PRESENT to all my fantastic friends.

It's bubble, trouble ...........

And you can download this at:
And Halloween stories .......
and you can download this one at:
And vampire .......
and you can again download this at:
I am curious ..... which one do you like the most today?  Do leave me a comment and let me know.  I have my favorite and I am soooooo curious how many people like my favorite creation for today.
Have a wonderful, fun-filled, tummy laughter, new experience this weekend .... and most IMPORTANT hug someone this weekend, too.
Love all you guys and hugs, too.  Sue