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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am finally home and I want to post a quick freebie from last year that I really love.  It represents everything that is special about spring.  And, finally spring is arriving in Iowa!!!!

Here is my freebie:
You can download this at:
I do want to tell everyone that my extended visit with my mother was quite a roller coaster and I am happy to say that she is doing so much better.  She has improved so much since she has returned home and with each passing day, a little more of her strength returned.  She is better, but I don't think she will now ever really return to even what she was six months ago.  That at moments, was very hard on me because the "nurse" part of me wanted a full recovery.  Yet, it  is that "nurse" part of me that has had to face the realities of just how much she can recover.  Just the same, I am so grateful for that time I was able to stay with her.
As for myself, it is SO GOOD TO FINALLY BE HOME AGAIN!!!!!  I have missed my own surroundings so much, that I think if I could have HUGGED my house .... I would of.  I have so missed my "normal".  Just to sit on my own sofa, watch TV programs I usually see, listen to my hubby talk nonstop about politics .... gee, it is like "heaven to my ears" and "love at seeing" again all those things I call home.  I've seen my son, his wife and grandsons.  I've talked for hours on the phone to both of my daughters.  I've gone to visit my friends.  And, I am going to Dubuque this weekend to watch baseball!!!  IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME!!!!!!
Yesterday, I had my appointment with a new doctor at the University of Iowa.  And, I just love this new doctor.  He listened to me and took about an hour with both my husband and myself, answering questions and making sure I understood his course of treatment.  I will be doing another set of tests the end of May that are called Hydrogen Breathing Tests.  He feels that my problems are actually food related and not stomach related.  Because there has been no set pattern as to when my stomach gives me fits.  I am already in the treatment regime for the erosions on my esophagus.  He said, that I am already doing everything that he would have advised as treatment and just to continue.  He has advised me to lose another ten to fifteen pounds ... so that is also my new goal.  I have already lost thirty-five pounds.
Well, I want to get this off to you guys.
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Latest News

It has been an unbelievable long time since I gave everyone an update. 

My mother is a survivor.  She continues to have days in which are hard for her, but she has an amazing inner strength.  I find that every single moment is a blessing and that time is a very precious gift.

We are back home in my mother's house.  And, it is a time for me to give back to her.  I clean, I cook (when she lets me) and I tiptoe around quietly when she is asleep.  Our talks will forever be tucked away in my heart and it is great to spoil her and see her smile. 

At times I wonder where the mother of my childhood has gone.  My mother's house is so still now.  For back then she was filled with endless energy and a love of life that knew no bountries.  Today she is quieter, forgetful and falls asleep so easily.  But, just the same ... she is my mother and I love her very much and our moments of sharing are enough.

And, I am aware that this may be my mother's end of her life.  She does not talk of death, because my mother believes only in living.  She is very afraid of the next step.  And, I can't go there with her in conversation.  I wonder if that is the right thing.  But, she is my mother and I won't do anything to upset her.

It is not easy for me to admit this to myself.  Because I can't imagine my life without her here.  Soon, I will have to return back to Iowa and I worry ... is this the last days of being with her.  So, I struggle.

Hugs, Sue

I will be returning home on April 25th.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Look Through My Eyes

Today I found a new blog that was such an inspiration that I just had to quickly try to create a wordart because it meant so much to me.  I have a firm belief that you are directed in daily life to certain things that you need at that moment.  And, that happened to me this morning.

Ofcourse, there is never anything fast about my wordart.  Especially when I want to pay tribute to someone that has inspired me.  And, that is the case with my wordart today.  So, before I go any further I want to thank Deb of "A Look Through My Eye". 

This is the first time I have ever gone to a new blog, where something has caught my eye and made me curious.  In this case, it was a section on her blog called "Word for 2013".   I had no idea what was in store and it was so wonderful.  I am not going to tell you anything else but that because I want to you visit Deb's blog and find out for yourself.

Here is preview of my freebie
You can download this at:
You can find Deb's blog at:
Life takes so many twists and turns and at moments we have to place our faith in something more meaningful then ourselves.  Deb helped me remember this and for that I am grateful.  I want to tell Deb in my own way .... I wanted it to be cheerful, happy and healing.
If this is your first time to my blog, I want to welcome you with open arms.  Our world of digital scrapbooking and cards bring us together to share.  In unexpected moments, friendship is the most powerful element of all.  And today, I found a new friend.
Hugs, Sue

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reason for my absence

I have gotten a number of comments, addressing the fact that I have been not posting for the past two weeks.

I would like to let everyone know that my mother is very sick and I flew to Virginia to be with her in March.  I returned home for Easter, but I will be again flying to Virginia on April 10th to be with my Mom again.

If not before I will be returning home before the end of April, as I have an important appointment for myself concerning my stomach on April 29th. 

Please understand that I will return to my blog just as soon as I can.

Hugs, Sue