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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Aftermath

My last creation of words I have dedicated to the parents of all the new Kindergartener's out there.  It is an exciting and sometimes scary world that they are about to enter.

I also want to dedicate my wordart to another fantastic wordart designer because I used her word art in the creation of mine.  You can find her at Sweet Digi Scraps Designs.  And, this came from her kit called "The Aftermath".  It is just a fantastic kit and can be used in so many unique and funny ways; as well as, documentation of those unexpected natural disasters that sometimes come into our lives.
You can find her site at:  www.sweetdigiscraps.blogspot.com.

My preview:
You can download it at: 

I am in the process of going through all my free wordart that I have done during the past six months that I might think are appropriate to use for school and I will be offering them in Sets in the near future.  More surprises on the way.

Hugs, Sue

Lots of learning

One of the "never-endings" that come again with school .... any school .....

is homework!!!!!!!
This is my preview on this necessary evil

You can download it at:

I just couldn't resist this little guy.  His expression just says it all!!!!

Lots of hugs, Sue

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho ......

I have been having so much fun creating for the starting of school.  I can remember the shopping, hearing my kids calling their friends to see if they got the same teacher, being excited and a little sad as I watched each child begin school, school pictures, football and soooooooooooooooooo much more.

Just another freebie for the weekend.

You can download it at:

I just can't tell you how much fun it is for me to continue all this creating.  Each season/month brings new ideas to me.  It is like an unending source of fun.  I have always loved doing something new and this new endeavor has kept that ARTISTIC side of me so happy.  Not only does my blog fulfill that part of me.  I still find time to actually draw and paint .... and photography is just another canvas for me.  And, wordart is just the frosting!!!!  Many, many years ago .... I fell in love with the "poetry of words" I saw on other people's layouts and that is how it all began. 

Another, more important part of my personality is to give .... whether in my career as a nurse, volunteer work, school PTA/campfire when my children were small, helping when I lived through Hurricane Rita .... I love to help and give.  It is what I call my "gift" God gave me.  When I retired .... I soooooo missed that.  So, you see ... through this blog I continue to give.  It is my gift to all of you that visit.  It was the outlet I needed to enrich all the other things that are important to me ... my family, my friends and just everyday life.

Even, with all my stomach problems ..... there is that silver lining.  I am finally getting my weight off, I am really beating diabetes and I feel like I'm watching the unending battle with my weight finally, possibly for the first time that I think I will beat.  I so encouraged that this lifetime change is going to be permanent.  I have realized not only has the diabetes been a wake up call.  That the last five weeks is my body's way to speaking to me about the changes I must make and stick to .... just to be more healthy.  It's been like having a sledgehammer hit me .... and believe me .... PAIN is a powerful lesson.  Here's to the new me.

Hugs, Sue

How To Please A Teacher

Now, they say an apple a day .... is all that is needed to keep your new teacher happy.  Well .... what if you had a whole "drawer" full.  Then, all for good measure ......

A Shy Child
Here is a preview:

Want to let everyone know I am feeling soooooooo much better today.  Called specialist yesterday and I am on new medication.  Diet changes .... the whole works.  I have been placed on "liquid diet" for about two weeks.  (due to ulcer)  I can live with that.

Thank you everyone for all your get well wishes and advice.  Each and every single one of you mean so much to me.  The last six weeks have been a challenge to say the least.  And, I know that I will be my complete old self in no time at all.

Have a grand weekend.

Hugs, Sue

Thursday, July 26, 2012

School Days

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/rQJYwkzn/First_Day.html
Just wanted to quickly get this set up for you.  I am really feeling under the weather today.  Don't know what in the world that specialist did to me with the endoscope!!  I haven't been in this much pain for over a month.  I'm really feeling so discouraged!!!  I'm going to give this until Monday ... no change .... and I am going to punch out this "specialist".  Even oatmeal hurts me.  I have been living on jello for the last 36 hours.

Sorry to be gripping.

Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's School Time

Now this one I do remember creating .... because I just did it.  My creative juices are not yet working really well this morning.  So, I just did one little phrase over and over.

Here's my preview

And, you can download it at:

As always .... it is so much fun for me to create for all my fellow scrapbookers.

Hugs, Sue

Let Your Light Shine

Can't remember what I did yesterday morning before I left for my endoscope.  I also see that I forgot to even put it here on my blog.  What can I say ..... I was nervous and just couldn't sleep.   So, it will be a surprise for all of us.

You can download it at:


The endoscope showed that I have inflammation of the esophagus and stomach, with the major damage to my esophagus.  I have been put on a new medication.  Quite a number of biopsies were done and we will know the results of those next week.  However, my husband told me (I was still asleep) that the specialist told him with all the damage to the lower esophagus ... no wonder I have been in so much pain.  GO FIGURE!!!!!!  In addition, I also have an ulcer.  Needless to say, my diet will continue as it has been.

Hope you all like what I did yesterday .... because for the life of me ....  I JUST COULDN'T REMEMBER!!!!

Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Can't Sleep

This morning I am heading to the hospital for an endoscope to have a look at my stomach.  I haven't said much lately .... but this test is being run because my stomach continues to want to make me want to trade it in on a new one!!!!!  Still living on oatmeal and it has gotten VERY OLD!!!  One month of the stuff is enough.  Ofcourse, the weight loss has been WONDERFUL ... hee, hee.

So, in the process I can't sleep .....

Here is one more SCHOOL THEMED FREEBIE for today.

You can download it at:

Wish me luck .... I am not sure if I will be doing one for tomorrow.  So, don't forget to grab both of the "school themed" ones I did for today.

Hugs, Sue

Monday, July 23, 2012

A kid with class

Now, I must say not every single experience when you are at school is a good one.  Sometimes there down right horrible.  There's mishaps, tears and just plain hard moments for those many, many firsts. 

Ahhhhhhh ..... when that "ohhhhhhh noooooo" moment becomes a "memory" .... those moments are priceless.

Today's freebie is just that, but with a twist.

Afterall no matter what .......  the "kid still has class"

You can download this freebie at:

Hope today's brings a smile or two!!!

If this is your first time to my site .... all I got to say is .... I AM SO GLAD YOU STOPPED BY!!!!
I have met so many fantastic new friends and I hope that you will become my newest one.  It is my pleasure to offer these freebies.  Do come and stop by often and if you have time now, do come and sit a spell.  AND DOWNLOAD TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT.  Right now, so you know what's on the horizon .... I am doing free wordart with a SCHOOL THEME.  Should you have any requests don't hesitate to let me know in a comment, I will be happy to create a special request always.

Don't forget to leave some love.

Hugs, Sue

Sunday, July 22, 2012

School books

School is just around the corner and I have put on my thinking cap and creative juices just for those scrapbook pages that will be on the horizon before we know it.

Today, my freebie has to do with the subject matter of school books and reading. 


You can download it at:

I have a great love of reading that started as a child and even now I find I just don't have enough time for the most relaxing of "things to do".

Hope you like this one to add to the School Library of freebies.

Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seeing Dreams

I have had a request for "repost" my clock hands with words.  I do hope this is the one you wanted.

You can download it at: 

Should this not be the right one, Katy .... I do hope you like this one with the clock hands.  It is definately one of my favorites.

Again, I want to send a shout out to Granny Enchanted, was the elements in the brown are from her.  Thank you again so much for that fantastic freebie kit.  As always, you are by far my favorite place to come and visit on a daily basis.  And thanks for the encouragement on my weight loss, partner.

You can go to her site at:  http://www.grannyenchanted.com

Have a great day everyone.  I'm off to do some sewing and wash.

Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One More Sports Freebie

Today's freebie can be used in all sports very easily.  And with the that here it a preview for you.

You can download it at:

I have done this wordart two different ways.  One with the stadium in the background and one with just the "Can Do" element and word anything.  This way that just adds to the way and ideas that this can be used for.

I am also including three photographs of myself because I have reached one of my goals in my journey to beat DIABETES.

Christmas 2011 (just after I'd been diagnosed)
at 190 pounds

July 15, 2012 (seven months later)
at 160 pounds
my ultimate goal by Christmas is
130 pounds
HALF WAY THERE ..... YEA!!!!!!!

This is an example of the can do anything!!!!   It's been a hard, sometimes frustrating, rewarding, ever inspiring, life changing challenge.  And I am fighting a hard battle .... but DIABETES will not win this ONE with me!!!!  This is me just coming back from a "Senior's Zumba" class.  If you haven't tried Zumba yet .... I for one ... recommend it highly.  It is so much fun .... you'll be smiling the entire time that you're there!!!!

Hugs, Sue

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do You Not Understand !!!!

What can I say .... I am jumping all over the place today!!!   I know, I know .... I said that I would do another school riddle!!!  But, my brain cells for creating are just not working today in that particular area!!!!!  You'll just have to wait until tomorrow!!!!

But, I did have the cutest idea with one of my treasures.  Do hope everyone likes it!!!!

Do You Not Understand

You can download it at:

I want to especially thank Snack Pack Gu's Designs for her wonderful, absolutely adorable kit called "Gone Fishing".  It is my most favorite fishing theme kit that I have in my ever expanding library of elements and kits.  She definately is a very talented, creative designer in my book.  You can find so many amazing things on her site.  If you have never been there .... hurry, hurry, hurry over.  You can find her at:  http://snackpackgu.blogspot.com.  My wordart just popped right onto my screen when I saw both of those sets of eyes .... just couldn't resist.  I love it!!!!!!!

If this is the first time to my site ... I am so glad to meet you.  Do come and sit a spell because I have so many freebies here for you to grab.  I have a number of my freebies labeled by subject matter, if you are looking for something in particular ... such as holidays, love, seasons, etc.  Do leave me some love and don't forget to become a member.

Hugs always, Sue

Plum Sugar

You can download it at:

Time for all the little girls out there.  Where would our worlds be without their "constant smiles".  All the girls in my life are so very special .... they make me smile, they make me laugh, they make me happy and they make me grateful.

Loads of uses for this little missy ... but I couldn't resist the bubbles .... I am going to use this one in a "cookie making" scrapbook page ... except to say the bubbles represent "flour".

Do leave me some love .... I'VE BEEN MISSING IT!!!!

Hugs, Sue

Sunday, July 15, 2012

School Riddle No. #2

As you know, I have started thinking about school starting.  I can't believe it is just around the corner again.  It means new school supplies .... pencils, crayons, glue, notebooks, looseleaf paper and so much more.  And ofcourse .... ALL THE NEW CLOTHES!!!!

Here is my second riddle for your layouts.  I will be making wordart freebies, too .... but I thought I'd just start with a riddle or two first.  Hope you like them.

All my love,  Sue

I'm so sad

Now, I don't know about you .... but it sure seems like our teenagers have forgotten how to talk.  No, matter where I see them .... their just silently standing with each other at the school bus stop.  And, if you take a really close look ..... there's a cellphone in their hands!!!!  And their TEXTING!!!!

Now in my day and I know I'm pretty old .... I talked to my friends on the telephone.  This love of the telephone even got passed down generations because when my kids were TEENAGERS ... they ever wanted their OWN PHONES.

Ohhhhhh .... how I wish for those old days.  I miss not hearing teenagers TALK TO EACH OTHER.

Hugs, Sue

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A School Riddle

I just couldn't resist this riddle

So, for you school layouts that are in your near future .... this one is for you.  I will be doing a couple more school themed riddles, this is just the first.

If this is your first time to my site ... I want to welcome you.  Please leave a comment or two, I always love reading them.

Hugs, Sue 

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of Paris

Last one for today ..... afterall, I haven't put any on for a couple of days.  And, when that happens I try to make up for it by doing more than one.

My thoughts today have been turning to vacations.  One of those holiday places I always dream about is ..... paris in the springtime.  I have dreamed of it all my life.  To see the artists at work, oh .... that would be such a treat.  Almost like heaven, really.  Paris is one of those cities that just represents creating, talent and beauty.  So, for me .... even if I can only go there in my mind ... it's enough!!!!

Here's my preview:

I kind of made my own cluster this time with my thoughts and love of Paris.  It's a little different for me.  Hope there are some Paris Dreaming out there besides me.

You can download it at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/_2_m23eM/Paris.html

Being There

Have you ever just sat at a park and just watched the people around you?  Or have you ever been at the airport waiting for a plane?  It's those moments that really don't have anything to do with family events .... it's just time standing still for you.

For me personally, I am a "people watcher".  I love having that little glimpse into someone elses lives, yet I know I am only just getting to watch.  I don't know what their talking about or thinking about .... yet something either in their expressions or actions ... just make me SMILE.

This wordart is dedicated to those moments;

I would like to give a special thanks to Meagan's Creations for her kit called Free Spirit.  All of the elements in this wordart are from that kit.  Aren't they just beautiful.  You can find her site at http://meagan'screations.blogspot.com.  It is well worth a stop.

Hugs always, Sue

Poor Puppy

Even though I no longer have any pets, I just couldn't resist doing this one for all the dog lovers out there.  My grandson, Ryan just got a new puppy for his eleventh birthday and his name is Bruce.  And, thanks to the newest member of their family I wanted to do a wordart dedicated to Ryan and his new puppy.

A special dedication today goes out to Sweet Pea Designz for the lovely alphabet I used in this freebie.  It is the cutest ever.  Afterall, puppies and paw prints just go together.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Without your beautiful creations, I'd be lost.  You can find her at:  http://sweet-pea-designz.blogspot.com.  Oh, I almost forgot the kit that this alphabet goes to .... is called "Rescued and Loved".

Here is a photo of Ryan with his new puppy Bruce on the morning of his birthday.

You can download this free wordart at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/8h3nsxfD/bad_puppy.html.

Hope you like it because it sure was FUN TO MAKE!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Miss Sue

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Top Secret Hero

Just felt like doing another freebie today with Miss Raggedy Ann.  She is such a beloved, cherished part of my childhood.  I wanted to do this one for all of us that have "heroes" in our lives.  Mine is definately my husband, especially right now.

He is and always will be my hero. 

And, I bet there is just that perfect photograph you have been wanting to find the most appropriate wordart for.  Heroes are all around us ... whether it's family,  neighbors, friends, military, doctors and nurses, firemen and policemen .... and more than I can possibly think of .... EVERYONE OF US HAS HEROES in our lives.

Hope everyone is staying inside out of the heat and if you're not .... get in the water!!!!  I don't want to worry about any of my friends.

You can download this freebie at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/5DcjK8HX/top_secret_hero.html

Hugs and kisses, Sue

Lifeguard of love

" I hereby pledge to be your protector with bandaids, butterfly
kisses.  Plus my heart forever and ever.
I love you
To keep you safe"

We are God's Lifeguard to protect all the ones we love.  Again, thank you to Trina Clark at www.digiscrapskits.com.  Without her wonderful elements, this wordart may never have formed into my heart.  I just love her kits so much, and I do think it's time for me to buy some more!!!  I never have to many.

Just one more photo of Ryan with his birthday present for his 11th birthday.  His name is "Bruce" and he's six weeks old.  All Ryan has talked about is having his own puppy.  He has been saving his own money for one and his parents surprised him with this little jewel.  Ryan wants to be a vet when he goes up!!!!  I know he will be the "protector" of this little "Bruce".

If this is your first time to my site, I want to welcome you with a HUGE BIG TEXAS HUG.  I absolutely love doing wordart for all of you.  It has been such a amazing journey for me and I have met so many fantastic people.  Many of you have touched my heart deeply with your kind comments and even a few of you have ask for special requests.  It is my pleasure to come as often as I can to keep on creating.

Do sit a spell and if you like/love my work please leave me some comments and become a member.

Hugs, Sue

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Special Four


Today, even though it is the fifth of July .... I have a new proposition for everyone. I deliberately didn't use the word "fourth" for this "fourth of July" wordart.. Instead, I used the word "four". Why you ask ....

On the Fourth of July we always celebrate this holiday with reverence. It is the birth of our nation. But, I think we should celebrate every single four on our calendar. Just think how united as a country we'd be, if every month's fourth was always that special to us as American citizens.

You can download this at: http://www.4shared.com/zip/amryhPR6/Fantastic_Four_1_.html

I am also dedicating this wordart to my dear, dear friend Sheryl from Granny Enchanted. Her alphabet that I used in the word "four" is so unique ... that my seed of "independence" was planted. She has one of the most remarkable digital scrapbooking sites on the internet. Not only does she show her own work, has a blog, but she also promotes so many other designers. Her words of wisdom mean more to me than anything and I consider her more than just another designer. She is what friendship is all about. You can find her site at: http://grannyenchanted.com. If you have never been there, do make a stop .... you will just love it.

Hugs, Sue

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I just couldn't resist this one.  I found this quote about a year ago and used it on one of my scrapbook layouts concerning my son, Drue giving his Dad instructions on how to use an edger.  It was one of the funniest moments between them and my husband's face was priceless.  Drue had just gotten his new house and had become an expert on everything concerning outside.  This advice came after almost forty-years of cutting grass.  Needless to say, he definitely entertained me and exasperated his Dad.

The quote is: " Disease:  Idiotitis  Causes the brain to shut and the mouth to keep talking.  Thousands affected, might be contagious.  Best Defense:  Slap and Run"

You can download this at:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/HAGzrFoD/Idiotitis.html

I have been gone for the last few days ... do apologize.  Still not feeling real great.  I go to a specialist next Tuesday if the pain doesn't kill me first ... hee, hee.  Absolutely love my doctor, but ..... he's stumped.  He thought I'd feel better by now. He's moving pretty fast though ... appointment is next Tuesday with specialist.

Best thing .... I AM LOSING WEIGHT LIKE CRAZY.  Only thing that doesn't hurt me seems to be oatmeal and milk.  My heating pad and I have an ongoing love affair happening and what more could I ask for ... gourmet oatmeal.  I've dropped eight pounds in ONE WEEK!!!!  Going to have that old man of mine fall right in love all over again with this NEW ME!!!!

Hugs, Sue