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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture Without Speaking a Word

You can download this at:
This should take care of all the days that I am gone.
I am so glad to have had one of my comments tell me
how to do this.
Thank you so much, Lisa @ Decosse's Dynamite Doodels
In the past .... I have never continued my blog
while I am on a trip.
So, this is great.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cookies For Santa

Now, I know I have been a person of few words the last couple of days!!!!

But, I wanted you to get your freebies!!!!!!!

As I am doing these at 5:00am, on Thursday, October 25th .... you'd be appreciate it!!!!!  OR I WILL TELL SANTA YOUR BAD, BAD GIRLS.

Your preview is:

You can download it at:


May you have the best day ever ....
as I am scheduling these in advance hopefully
you will get them on the right day.

Miss You Guys,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

You can download this at:
My surprise continues to each of you.
This is my freebie for October 29th.
I really like this little tag creation.
Last day with my Mom.
And I'll be home tomorrow.
Hugs, Sue

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Santa and Rudolph


You can download both
of them at:
I have made on with the quote and the
other just plain ...
that way you can put inside
what you like.

Extra Note:  Just wanted to let everyone know I am having the best
time at my mother's.  It is so much fun to have her just to myself.
My step-dad gets back tonight for the rest of my visit.
So, I will spoil her for a few more moments
just here and I.

Hugs, Sue

Saturday, October 27, 2012

On the rooftop

You can download it at:
When I was a little girl I always worried about
Santa getting
It was a constant, continuos concern of mine
and I just fretted about it to my parents
each year!!!
In my mind
was just to small!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Friday, October 26, 2012


You can download it at:
I will continue having a wordart for everyone while
I am on vacation.
This one is for October 26th.
On that big plane on my way ........
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Have you been good?

Now, I want you to know .... I know a SPECIAL place to send Santa his EARLIEST LETTERS.    This particular address is just for me, too. 

When I know someone has been BAD ... I send a letter directly to Santa through Rudolph and he forwards THIS LETTER quickly to Santa.

Now, this address isn't for CHILDREN ....
It is for ADULTS only .....

Here is my preview:
You can download it at: 
So ........ to all my digital friends!!!!
You better have that camera ready to capture all those holiday photos by the THOUSANDS!!!!
Or ....... I'm sending A LETTER TO SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walking Home

You can download this at:
**** Memories Are Forever***
had wrong download
If you got it yesterday, please
redownload it!!!! 
Another special dedication goes out to another fantastic designer.  I love that she used the pale greens and beiges in this particular kit.  Ever once in a while ... I want to create with other colors during a particular holiday.  The reason .... JUST BECAUSE.  Both of the free wordarts today were made with the same kit.  The kit is called "New Beginnings" and it by Sweet Cravings Scrap.  And, I just love the name of this kit.  Don't you?  She can be found at:  www.malamontero.com
I have done THREE free wordarts for today .... (which is something I usually save for the weekends), but I wanted to give you two extra freebies today because I am about to go out of town.  One is for Oct. 26 and the other is for Oct. 27.  I just don't know how to have them show up on those days while I am gone.
Should I have any extra time today .... I will try to make a couple more. 
Hugs, Sue

Memories are forever

One of the things that is so fantastic about our digital cameras .... IS THAT WE CAN TAKE SO MANY PICTURES.  And, among them no matter what is that "Awe Moment".

It is that photo that just captures it all .... and you know THIS IS THE ONE!!!  It's called making SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT MEMORIES.

Here is my preview:
 ***If anyone came yesterday ... the download was incorrect.
It is right one now.***
You can download it at:
Isn't it so much fun being able to take pictures?
Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

God's Beauty

Do you feel God's grace during the holidays?  Do you see God's beauty surrounding you?  Do you hear God's presence in a whisper?  Can you touch God's wonder?

During the holidays in those remarkable moments,  God is there always.

Here is my preview for today:
You can download this at:

I would like to extend a dedication to Miriam of Miriam's Scrap for her breathtaking elements from her kit called "Pinkish Xmas".  Without the elements from this kit, I could not have made this freebie today.  You can find her blog at:  http://miriams-scrap.blogspot.com.  I just love this kit and I have had it for a long, long time.  Today I found the inspiration of my thoughts brought forth.  I unfortunately can't tell you whose element the skater is any longer.  Just the same, I want to tell her thank you.

May today and all the days of the your future be filled with the love of God.

Hugs, Sue

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wonder Of It All

Today when I went to create my Christmas wordart freebie, I wanted to do it around a particular word.  This is where my that idea took me.

Here is my preview:
You can download this at:
And, I am so curious .....
What do you think my word was ... wonder or heart????
Do let me know!!!!
I do want to let everyone know, I am about to go on another trip.  I am going this time to see my mother in Virginia for six days.  I will be gone from Thurday, Oct 24 thru Tues, Oct 30.  I will not be putting any freebies up those days because I will not have access to my Photoshop CS5.  But, I will continue to think up new wordart .... I promise.
Hugs, Sue

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Panic Time

Just the other day when I was trying to redo my blogspot, I ran into PROBLEMS with a capital HEADACHE.  I became very PANICKED because I couldn't figure out how to get back into my BLOG to do ANYTHING!!!!!

All I saw was I was going to have to START ALL OVER AGAIN WITH A NEW BLOG!!!!!

That is called running away and screaming.

I contacted one of my MENTOR'S, Trine of "Nothing But Freebies" for advice.  ALAS .... she didn't know how to help me!!!  Today is dedicated to her.   Trine, you never fail to make me laugh.

And, you can find her site at:  http://nothingbutfreebies.blogspot.com.  She is one of my favorite spots to try to stop on a daily basis and you won't regret it either.  And, should you need a SMILE .... she is the one to stop by always.

But, she sent the cutest CARTOON ....... and, today's freebie is around that cartoon.

Here is my preview:
And the free wordart is:
You can download it at:
I got such a chuckle out of this .... and it definately fits all us scrapbookers out there, especially the designers.
I also want to thank "Designs by Heather Taylor" for her alphabet called "Cut Out Alpha".  She can be found at:  http://oohlalaartsy.blogspot.com
Have a great day.
Hugs, Sue

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christmas Magic

Isn't it amazing the love children have for Santa Claus.  Just give them a minute and they will tell you all about him.  Don't believe for a second that ..... THEY DON'T BELIEVE.

My last freebie for Sunday is around just that thought.

Here is a preview:
You can download it at:
And, don't you ever under estimate the love this most cherished elf has for your children and all your adult non-believers !!!!!!

Don't forget to leave some love.

Hugs, Sue

Christmas World

As I look outside at all the Halloween Outdoor decorations .... I wonder.

Inside my home, it feels like Christmas.  Really, really it does.  I am surrounded by autumn decorations, yet at least here on the computer I am already creating in my mind many Christmas thoughts.

Here is my newest wordart:

You can download this at:
If you can, do let me know what you think of my Christmas Blogspot.  I worked very hard on it this morning.  I wanted to continue my blog with what is always, always in my heart.  And that is my love of faeries.  My little faerie connected to my name will be attached to all my Christmas freebies.
Have a wonderful blessed Sunday.
Hugs, Sue

Friday, October 19, 2012

Joy to the World

Want to let everyone know I have changed back to my original look.  I got quite a number of negative responses to my changes yesterday.  Instead, I just updated my blog with a Christmas Look!!!! 
Hi everyone,

The last one for today is also one from my own Christmas layouts from 2011.  It is one around the
true meaning of the season.  And, I do hope you like it.

Preview of my layout
Christmas 2011
Here is a preview of the freebie:
You can download her at:
Just wanted everyone to see ....
That I do find time for doing scrapbooking, too.
Though .....
This freebie stuff for all
my special people
makes me fall behind.
I've got from July 2012 forward to
Hugs, Sue

Don't Pout

Now, one of the silliest layouts I did last Christmas 2011 was of myself.  I was in one of my off-the
wall moods and I just kept taking loads of photographs of myself with my Santa Hat on in many different expressions.

Here is a preview of that scrapbook page:
Here is the preview:
You can download it at:
See .... I can even make FUN of MYSELF.
Don't forget to leave me some loving comments.  And have a great weekend.  And stay warm.
Hugs, Sue

Got Toys

This is one of my oldies but goodies .... I used it last year on one of my own Christmas layouts.

Here is my preview:
You can download it at:
I see so many layouts from just this little comment.  It can be that visit on Santa's lap.  It can be the Raggedy Ann doll.  It can be opening presents.  Ooooooohhhhh .... and so much more.
Watch out Santa is checking his list.
Hugs, Sue

Happy Family

You can download this at:
This one is pretty self explanatory, don't you think.
Hugs for all,

Home for the holidays

One of the happiest events of the holidays is coming home .... whether it is for baking, going shopping, opening presents or eating the holiday meal together.

This is my tribute to HOME.

Here is my preview:

You can download it at:
This one took quite alot of time for me to create .... had a hard time getting just the right elements to come together in my large library.  Do hope you love my end result.  I normally don't spend over an hour doing one wordart.
Newbies .... you guys are so welcome to my blog.  And, my old friends you are soooooo, sooooo special.  Everyone's kind comments make me keep coming back.
Now, it's time for me to go create two more for part of the weekend Saturday grabs.
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do you want everything?

Have you ever been to a store during the holidays and been looking for yourself? 

I know, I know .... Christmas means shopping for others!!!!!  Just the same, after all the PRESENTS have been  bought, DON'T YOU THINK you deserve one, TOO!!!!!

My freebie today is around that theme .... ofcourse, unless you have a TEENAGER and than your thoughts definately fit them!!!!!  Do you have iphones, xboxs, kindle fires on that list of yours?!?!?!

I have also made this freebie very large because I thought she might be nice used on the outside of a layout.

Here's you freebie:
You can download her at:
I just think she is soooooooooo cute and I wanted to use her in a very special way.  She looks just adorable enough to 'GET ANYTHING SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS".
I want to welcome everyone into the Christmas Season, at least on my blog.  I have been waiting impatiently for the middle of October to get here ..... so that I start giving my Christmas goodies.  It is by far my all-time favorite holiday to create for, next to Halloween.
May today be filled with a little crispness in the air, a twinkle in someone's eye and that mischevious smile on someone's lips.
Hugs, Sue

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Promise

Do you believe in Santa????????

Well, I sure hope so ........ otherwise, I hope all you get for Christmas is bright-colored, huge EMPTY boxes.  I will tell Santa on you!!!!!!

My newest freebie and the start of what I call my Christmas themed goodies, will start with the JOLLIEST, HAPPIEST, SWEETEST elf of all.

My preview:
You can download Santa at:
As I leave the world of Halloween and Thanksgiving goodies .... that doesn't mean you won't see any others around those two holidays.
It just means ..............  it's Christmas Time
Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is a dedication

Today is also a dedication to a very new friend.  Her name is Chris and she has just created her very own FIRST blogspot.

One of the honors that she has given me, is to use my freebie's as the foundation of the beautiful cards she is making.  And, I just don't know what to say.  She has made my journey in my own blogspot so much more meaningful. 

Yesterday, she invited me to come take a look at her first creations and she just blew me away.  Her cards are so creative and beautiful.  I am just thrilled that she loves my freebies enough to use them in her own creations.

I want to welcome everyone to her new venture and blogspot. 
You can find her at:  http://myinspirationaljourney-chris.blogspot.com

Now, a preview of her work ..... using my free wordart:

And, just in case you missed those two freebies yourself.  You can find the first one under the post "Halloween Witches Bring The Season" and the date, September 16th.  And the lower one is under the post "Love Hugs" and the date, September 11th.
Again, Chris ...... a heartfelt, very appreciated thank you.
And to everyone .... I wasn't able to figure out where to put my comments on her site.  SO, PLEASE WELCOME HER ON MY SITE and I will forward your emails to her!!!!!
Hugs always, Sue

Heart's Memory

Good morning friends,
My freebie today is one I have made because of my reflective state of mind this morning.  I took a very early walk this morning and as I looked around my neighborhood, I realized that I am a very blessed person.
Not only has the day begun with gentle quiet, it's really beautiful this morning.  The air is crisp, with that touch of coolness that touches your nose and makes it cold.  But, it is one of those morning in which I felt extra close to God.  Many times in the morning that is when I talk to him in my mind.  And, this morning .... I have felt the overwhelming sense of "gratitude" not only for my family, but my friends.
So, my freebie is just my way of saying .... Thank You, Lord.
You can download it at:
And, to this early morning .... I want to bid all my friends that visit today ..... a very blessed day.
Hugs, Sue

Monday, October 15, 2012

Attitude Halloween Style

I have just ran across a dear, dear, dear friend that I haven't seen in a long, long, long time.  She has and is one of my mentors.  And, was very big part of the designing of my blog when I first started this adventure.

Today I am dedicating my Halloween wordart freebie to her.  Her name is Melissa aka Hellasweet.  And, she can be found at:  http://pandadezigns.blogspot.com.  I went for a visit and found the cutest mini-kit freebie introducing her newest kit.  The kit is called "Attitude Adjustment".  Also, if you go to her "freebie" label on the top of her site, you will find a complete listing of all her freebies.  You MUST GO TAKE A LOOK!!!!

Soooooo here is to Miss Melissa.  I've missed you old friend.

You can download at: 

Don't forget to stop by and tell my special friend hello.  And, as always ..... have a wonderful, fantastic .... try to forget it's Monday .... day.

And, don't forget to leave some love.  Hugs, Sue

Football In The Air

I'm feeling really silly this morning ........ and football is a HUGE PART of this family's Thanksgiving.  Sooooooo here goes ........

Here is your preview:

You can download this at:

I am having soooooo much fun combining my favorite sport with the holidays.
I want to welcome again all of the new friends I am making for making me one of your stops.  It is absolutely a blast for me to read all of your comments ..... so DON'T FORGET to keep them coming.
This weekend made me LONESOME because I didn't get any.  lol
Hugs, Sue

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Poem

I came across this poem
quite a long time ago ....
and, just because today I
dedicated my freebies
to the cooking of
holiday seasons
I thought I'd include
this humorous one
just for a smile or two
Here is your preview:
You can download it at: 
I will be bringing my Thanksgiving freebies to a
close in just a day or two ....
and don't forget to check my
labels under Thanksgiving
if you'd like to collect
them all.
Hugs always, Sue

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

One of the Christmas gifts
I made for all the
women in my
two years ago
were recipes cards
of some of my
own favorites.
I am passing one of them on
to all my friends for the
Here is my preview:
 You can download at:
A special thanks goes out to 
Kylie @ Shabby Princess for her
cute recipe cards.
They are what I used for my present
two years ago.
You can visit her site at:
Have a wonderful Sunday.

An Overused Phrase

Now, have you ever wondered what
phrase is the most
one by
Here's a preview:
You can download this at:
I just couldn't resist pulling out
an "oldie" but "goodie"
that I used on
a scrapbooking page of
my own last Thanksgiving.
Hugs, Sue

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hiding Presents

Do you have snoopers in your house?
Do you have that child
 that is bound
and determined to try
to find their Christmas presents?
Do you have someone in
your cherished family that
can't stand the agony
of not taking a look
through a torn little piece
of the wrapping paper
trying to see what's inside?
Well ......
I have one of those lovable, so silly
relatives in my family.
He is called my SON.
Now, that he is an adult ....
he just badgers me with non-stop,
endless questions.
He knows better than to try to figure out what's inside his present now!!!!!
Here's a preview:
You can download this at:
Hope this one brings a smile or two.

Just another memory .... one year I wrapped presents in
red, white and green with
no tags!!!!

The kids didn't know their color until Christmas morning.
And, the boxs under the tree were just
that .... EMPTY BOXES.

I wish you could have seen their faces .... priceless
(they were all teenagers)

after all the empty boxes were opened ...
they got an envelope with their color and
went to our bedroom to find their presents.

Still makes me laugh!!!!

Hugs, Sue

Sugar and spice

This freebie is around one of our family traditions.

On the first Saturday after the Thanksgiving holiday, we (women folk) bake all our cookies.  This also rotates between our three houses.  It's a silly time for all us girls and I enjoy it so much.  It is not often I can get my daughter and daughter-in-law together.  With Christel being from the Phillipines, she always brings special recipes too.  We giggle, get flour everywhere and just plain have fun.  No one is allowed unless they are a girl.  And, for Allison, my granddaughter .... hopefully this will become someday part of her holiday traditions.

I have a secret wish .... 

Wouldn't it be special if I could have all the women of this family under one roof!!!  It only happened once and then I had no granddaughters yet.  When I lived in Texas, I did get my daughter that lives here in Iowa to come down for the holidays after she first married.  It is one of my most cherished memories ..... and my son ... who was seventeen at the time joined us!!!!!

Maybe one of these holidays I will have all three of my children and all my grandchildren together.  And there would be an EXCEPTION because I'd want everyone in the kitchen.   All the men, all the women and all the GRANDBABIES.  Who care about the mess ....

Here is today's freebie preview.

You can download this at:
Also, a special thanks goes out to Karen Diamond of Karen Diamond Designs.  Many of the elements of this freebie came from her mini-kit called "cupcake heaven" blogtrain.  Isn't her elements just adorable and soooooo cute.  I especially like the mixing bowl.  You can find her at:  http://karendiamonddesigns.com.  Do stop by for a visit.  You won't regret it at all.  I just love it!!!!

A time of giving

One of the unique and very special parts of
our Thanksgiving celebrations is in
the history of the "first thanksgiving"
It was a time when two very
different groups of families came together
as one.
Their differences were celebrated and
that day has been passed down
as the foundation of
this holiday.
This is my tribute to our
You can download this at:
May this year's holiday be filled with
family and friends, sprinkled
with laughter and love
as we gather together
to be thankful for all
our blessings.
Hugs, Sue

Friday, October 12, 2012


This freebie, it is the little girl that has captured my imagination.  I have been waiting for just the right moment to use her in a daily freebie.  Everything about her represents giving and love.  It is the candle light she is holding.  It's as if she represents all the "goodness and hope" of the world, if we would just look inside her eyes.

I decided to use her in this Thanksgiving Blessing because of that.  I do hope she reaches into your heart just as she has in mine.

Here is her preview:

I also want to dedicate today to a unbelievably talented artist. Her sketches and drawings are so beautiful and touching. She is able to capture the essence of beauty in the "eyes" of her subject matter. Her name is Meago and she displays her artisty at Deviantart. If you would like to go take a look at her work, she can be found at: http://meago.deviantart.com. Thank you, Meago ... I go to your site often because your talent is extraordinary.  Today's primary element is from her drawing called "November Lights".  I can't not say enough about her heartfelt talent.  It just takes my breathe away.  Time and time again, her talent just blows me away. 

This freebie, I can see many scrapbook pages for it to be used in .... Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas, religious and so, so much more ..........

Hugs always, Sue

Simple things

When you think back of the memories
that reach into your heart
What are they?
For me .....
most of them bring back
visions of the simple things
And, I smile from the inside of my heart
to the outside of my body
and feel happiness.
Here is a preview of my
Thanksgiving latest freebie around that theme.
You can download this at:
Thanksgiving often seems to
get lost between Halloween and Christmas
and yet ........
it is the time of blessings and thanks
which should be a part of each and every day.
Hugs, Sue

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mean Cow

I am back on the right day .... here's my freebie for today.

And ..........

I continue to be in my mischievous mood .... picking on the pooooooooor turkey.  This time to add to the silliness, I used a "peace turkey".  Afterall, I do believe this little guy is just high on all that "Halloween Candy" the farmer has been feeding him. 

Little does he know about that MEAN OLD COW!!!!!

Here is a preview:
Hope you like it ......
You can download it at:
As always, I want to thank all my newcomers to my site.  It means so much to me that you have stopped by.  If you do have the time, do sit a spell and GO EXPLORING.  I know you are bound to find one or two or three or just maybe more goodies to add to you digital library.
And, ofcourse all my old-timers .... I love all the old friends I have made on this fantastic journey.  I just love sharing my ideas with you and thank you for your continued support.
If you haven't become a member yet .... please consider it!!!!
Hugs always, Sue

Give thanks with a grateful heart

You can download this at:
I just realized that I forgot to post this yesterday.
I am so sorry!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Are you ever hiding away from Monday?
Is it you're least favorite day?
Do you get up in the morning on that day
and dread the whole week ahead?
Do you feel like Friday will never come?
Today's freebie is themed to that thought
and ofcourse, Halloween.
Why ......
because black cats just
are part of Halloween!!!!!!!!

I found this cute, cute kitty cat yesterday online
and I couldn't resist doing another
Halloween freebie around him.
But, in addition ...
I just did it around "Mondays"
You can both freebie in this download:
Have a wonderful, spooked, ball-of-fur day.
Hugs, Sue

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Football

You can download at:
Which game are you going to watch?  Or are you watching all three?
I bet .... there are some of you that will be taking
afternoon noons???????
Just to full of Thanksgiving Yummies.
Hugs, Sue

Just A Puppy At Dinner

You can download him at:
Everyone, who has a pet .....
does he get part of the Thanksgiving Feast?????
Or does he get forgotten .....
does he have to STEAL his goodie????
So, for all you pet lovers out there .....
Don't forget to include him cause' he is part of the family!!!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Don't Worry Turkey

I have taken down the freebie that I did yesterday, per request of the designer.  I liked the words to much not to do it again .... but using another element.

Here is the preview:
You download it at:
Now, I am going to go get busy on today's .......
Hugs, Sue

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Beef

I have put on my thinking cap for my first Thanksgiving freebie .....

You can download at:
This is one of my all-time favorite Turkey Day quotes and I just couldn't resist doing it first.  This is my interpretation of the turkey asking for us to RECONSIDER!!!!!

Get ready .......

Hugs, Sue

Friday, October 5, 2012

His Fault

Wanted to let everyone know that we didn't make it to Texas AGAIN!!!!!  I swear the Gods are against me going down anytime soon!!!!!

I had an attack of double vision and needless to say, we had to turn around Wednesday morning after being in the car for four hours and come back home.  I was afraid to go any further (and I hate so say it, I was pretty freaked).  Two days in the car to get to Texas with double vision wasn't my idea of safe.  I didn't want to go to some doctor I didn't know, in some town I didn't know, much less take a chance of getting worse.  So, I made John bring me back home.  Luckily no TIA, much less stroke.  (I have history of stroke thirteen years ago).  TIA ruled out yesterday.  This morning went to eye specialist and found out right eye has substantially lost sight ... my left eye wants to do all the work.  Which caused in his words "left eye malfunction" .... it went into overload and it couldn't work for both eyes causing double vision.  Lordy, lordy I am falling apart!!!!!  Doing major testing in two weeks because he didn't like what he saw with my optic nerve.  Possibility of glaucoma.  Not worried at all ... I have an explanation and glaucoma is treatable.  He did major testing of muscle control of right eye and said it is turning in. (contributing to double vision, too).

Ofcourse, my daughter is now mad at me!!!!!  I understand the disappointment ... I'M DISAPPOINTED too.  All she sees is we cancelled our trip again.  I really get frustrated when she says "you're RETIRED now and shouldn't have any STRESS".  To quote her words ... "Mom, just call me when you ARRIVE".   I can't get through to that daughter of mine .... her parents aren't as young as we use to be and we DO GET SICK!!!!  Sorry, everyone ... I'm just frustrated!!!  I really do love that daughter, but sometimes I just plain don't like her!!!!!

Enough of me .... I have a new freebie for the theme of family.  This one is also out of my earlier creations.  Hope it makes everyone smile.  The topic is TEENAGE BOYS.

You can download this at:
Thanks everyone for listening!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Now, you know it is really, really bad ....... when I wake up at 4:00 am and come down and get on the computer.  Yes, I admit it!!!!  I'm hooked!!!!!

Plus, I don't know about you ...... but ...... I can't seem to go on this thing without checking my emails first, then go to facebook and hopefully don't get distracted into another direction!!!!  And, before I know it ..... THREE HOURS have gone by!!!!

Now, this morning ..... I am FOCUSED!!!!  I just couldn't not do you guys another freebie.  However, I didn't put on my thinking cap for something new ..... instead I pulled out from my own wordart I've made in the past!!!!

So..... here's two oldies but goodies
I thought these two were very appropriate for family scrapbook pages
You can download at:
I am all packed ..... just need to make sure camera is charged.  Put a couple CD's on my Nano because my husband loves to listen to audio books when we go traveling or it's POLITICS.  So, I want to escape into my world of MY MUSIC and just drift away or should I say escape from that dear old man.  Otherwise, I'll be planning his DEMISE in the car!!!!
Hugs, Sue

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tooth Fairy

I have decided to go ahead and post my other two freebies that I planned to release tomorrow, because I have so much to do for my pending vacation to Texas.  So, that everyone does know I will be gone from October 3-October 9.  And, I don't think I will be posting/designing any other daily freebies until October 10th.

My family theme continues with thoughts of NOW going to the dentist.  This is one of my childhood and now adulthood "nightmares".  I have decided just in case there are some scrapbook pages being done on this "event" .... I have done something with a little "love" and another with a little "humor".

Here is my first freebie
around the theme of the toothfairy.
Afterall, every single child
waits for her arrival.
You can download her at:
The second freebie is to poke fun
at the "troubles" of going to the dentist.
Just in case you can't read the phrase ... it says
"what do you mean I have a cavity????" 
You can download "troubles" at:
And, with this .... I bid you all a farewell for a little over a week.  I am so excited about this trip finally just being days away.  Do to my getting so sick in June .... that trip was cancelled.  We have just not been able to reschedule it any other time during the summer because of the continued problems.  I haven't seen my daughter, Angie or her family in over a year!!!!!  And, even though this trip is SO SHORT in comparison to the ones we usually make to Texas .... I am happy to just be finally going.
For those of you new to my site, still come for a visit during this upcoming week.  I have so many other freebies listed under LABELS that you can come a grab.  With Christmas just around the corner you may want to come and grab those that I have already done.
Have the best next week and a half ever. 
Hugs, Sue