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Friday, January 7, 2011

God's Gifts

When I marvel at my many gifts I have received, the ones that I find mean so much to me are my grandchildren. I wanted to make a scrapbooking page that truely told everyone just what a gift they are. One of the things that is so nice about the internet, is that you can go on it and just about find anything that you want. For me, I was looking for just the right poem that would express how I feel. This poem, for me says it all. So, with that ... this is my scrapbook page to my wonderful, magnificient, gorgious and talented grandchildren. I love you all. Nana

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muziek said...

It sure is something very special to be the beloved grandmother of 8! How wonderful for them to be able to read how much they mean to you through this scrapbook page. This sure will be an important memory...