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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have done numerous free wordart during the last few weeks for my mother.  She is in my thoughts daily almost every single moment.  I have been going through such a roller coaster of emotions, that I now feel so emotional spent.  I have struggled not only with her diagnosis of cancer and everything that it means .... it has brought my fears to the point that I am controlled by them.  I believe so much in the saying "Let go and let God", but unfortunately my brain doesn't want to listen.

I have finally made a decision concerning my mother's surgery next Friday on March 30th.  I will be flying home next Tuesday or Wednesday to be there with her.  This is not an easy decision, because my mother doesn't want me to come.  She entered a "denial" stage of wanting everyone to think she is fine.  She is upset that her grandchildren know and as she says .... she wants everything back to normal.  I do truly understand her feelings.  Just the same, I must do what is right in my heart.  After continuous prayer .... I know that I must be there with her.

For this reason .... I hope that everyone of my new and old friends understand that I won't be doing daily wordart until after my return back home.  I thought of trying to do wordart for about two weeks in advance .... and asking for help from Enchanted Granny on how to post daily even though I am not here.  But, I just don't have the energy to do all that work.

My estimate of time in Virginia, I think will be approximately 7 to 10 days, which have me back here around the 4th of April.

And now, the preview for today.  This is a mini set of wordart on the word faith.

You can download it at:    http://www.4shared.com/zip/R7VE8FbS/file.html.

Another closer look at the wordart is:

Again, this is dedicated to my mother.  For those that have been saying prayers for her ... her name is Christa Setunsky.  Her surgery is scheduled for March 30, 2012.  And, she is going into this surgery with a 50-50% of survival.  Please, please, please keep her and all her family in your prayers.

Hugs, Sue

p.s.  kind words and comments are always, always welcome


sandie said...

Sue, I truly feel in my heart that you are doing the right thing by being there with your Mom. I know how she feels about things being back to normal, but, having been in a somewhat similar circumstance a couple of years ago, I know it will be comforting for her just to know you are there and perhaps hold her hand before surgery. I think that it would be very hard to be rolled into the OR without having had the closeness of family. My prayers are with both you and your Mom. Hang in there, it is said that everything happens for a reason. Keep us posted, if you can.

Trine Secher said...

Sweetest Sue,
I'm not really sure what to say - it seems any comment is failing to describe what I would like to say. As I told you the other day, I'm not religious, but I still have faith and I still believe, so I can still send you and your mother the warmest thought and wishes for a full recovery. From experience I can also tell you that FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real so don't let it fool you into something your heart wouldn't want. My thoughts are with you and your entire family for the next few weeks.

Lots of Hugs & Kisses,

crosstown said...

Sue I will be praying for both of you. I think you are doing the right thing. I went through 8 months of cemo and radiation last year and hopefully I am now cancer free but the thought is always lurking in the back of your mind. I am sending both of you prayers and hugs

Beth said...

I am so sorry to hear what your family is going through.
You will never regret going and being with her.
I didn't get to say goodbye to my mother as she passed unexpected in her sleep. So I live with regrets.
I will keep her in my prayers.

God Bless you and yours.

jayleigh3 said...

You are doing the right thing, and i believe your mother will be glad you are there once you arrive. It is hard to face our own mortality, but life truly is in God's hands. He says that our moments and days are all accounted for in Him. Be at peace about your decision to be there. i "came home" in 1986 to be with my mother while she still was able to care for herself. i was with her for her last 12 years and with her, holding her hand when the Lord took her home. i have never regretted giving up "my world" for hers! i will pray that this will be a time of real blessing for both you and your mother. Thanks for the beautiful, inspiration WA!