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Friday, March 30, 2012


After what has been one of my hardest day ....  I have finally received the phone call I have needed.  My mother is finally out of recovery.  She went into surgery this morning at 06:00am and came through surgery at 08:30am.  Able to remove the entire mass!  However, she developed unstable vital signs and difficulty stabilizing her.  At 12:00pm she started to bleed and had to be rushed back into surgery.  Unable to find bleed and surgeon just did some extra stitching.  Back in recovery and again unstable vitals.  However, they have finally stabilized her and she has been moved out of recovery. Time is now 7:00pm.  Will continued to be monitored and in a lot of pain.  But, at least I am able to breathe again.  She's still with me and that is all that counts. I wll try to talk with her in the morning.

My brother came through his surgery with flying colors.

Many ups and downs for me .... I was so elated this morning with the removal of mass, but remainder of day .... awful.  My husband and children have been right here with me!!!

Keep us in your prayers.

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Hugs, Sue

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Jennifer said...

That is terrific news. I will continue to pray for a smooth recovery, and the support of you and your family as you all move forward from here.