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Friday, April 27, 2012

I am home

I am finally home again.  I wanted to quickly create this little college to my mother filled with two of my favorite photos from the past and two from my trip.  The one of my mother taken at Christmas 2011 has always been one of my all time favorites of her.  The belly-dancer I added just for fun ... as during my childhood she was quite a dancer.

The two photos to the left are ones that were taken during my trip. 

Now, to share the news ... my mother's surgeon feels he got all of her mass.  It was Stage 1 (thank heavens) and she will require do chemo/radiation.  Unfortunately, there was a second cut made into her accidently that has caused her to continue having some problems, but surgeon is hoping that area will completely heal itself.

She has lost a lot of weight and easily fatigues and requires a lot of rest.  Just the same, I am so blessed.  She is doing so well and within that time I was there I witnessed how much stronger, how much more she can do and everything else.  She is almost like the mother I knew growing up ... gentler and softer.  All of my trips home ... this one was so special .... it was like being with my mother .... the one of my childhood.  And, I am so happy.  Yet, at the same time I have grown and realize just how precious life is.  I will always, always cherish more deeply my moments and days with her.  Should this visit be my last, I am okay with this .... I know this in my heart and I have found peace.

I have one more photo to share .... just to make you all smile.

Now, tell me .... wasn't I a little cutie at the age of eight.  My mother let me have this photo and everytime I look at it ... it makes me laugh!!!  Definately one for the records ... hee, hee.

My Mom, my Dad and I taken on my trip.
Got to tell you .... sometimes I feel like I look older than the two of them combined!!!!!

I will start posting daily freebie probably on Monday.  I want to spend the weekend with my husband, kids and grandbabies.  Because I SURE HAVE MISSED THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

Hugs always, Sue

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crosstown said...

Sue I am happy to hear that you had a good trip and that your Mom is doing better. It is always good to be home safe and sound too.