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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Family

Often I speak of my family .... so I wanted to show some photos of everyone.

My Children and grandchildren  

Drue's Family

This is my son, Drue and wife, Christel
with their sons Ian (baby), Tristan (oldest)
and Elijah




Christa's Family

Christa with husband, Mike and
their children Brandon (blue shirt),
Allison and Justin

My all-time favorite of Brandon

Mr Handsome, Justin

Hobo Spider, Allison

And last, but not least
Angela's Family

Angela with husband, Reggie and
their children, Ryan, Sean (middle) and

Angie and Reggie
Maudi Gras in Katy, Texas

Angie and Abby

Reggie, Sean and Ryan
they are the .....
Soccer Family

These are some of the more current photos of my family, and last but not least here is one of my husband and I.  (I have a husband, John that hates to have his photo taken) .... so I don't have many.

This from last Halloween at Elijah's First Birthday

Hope you enjoyed the visual faces of my wonderful family.  I am so blessed and I know it.  I have the best partner in the world.  He is a very quiet man, who is really only content in his small community of his family.  We have occasional friends we see, but on the most part ... our world rotates around each other and our children and thier families.  I am the social one of the two.  Right now our world consists the majority of time around BASEBALL and playing with the BABIES.  My husband loves holding our newest addition, Ian.  Summer has arrived, too .... which means swimming, exploring and going out to eat with Nana.  Papa is strictly BASEBALL watching of our son, Drue and older grandsons.  The family in Texas, we will be going to see in June!!!!  YEA!!!!!!

Thanks for coming for a visit.

Hugs, Sue


Trine Secher said...

Oh, Sue - You are no doubt blessed and it's not hard to see why you are proud of them all: Beautiful children and in-laws, a truly wonderful bunch of grandchildren, and little Ian... oh, he is extraordinarily cute!

I know I don't have to say "treasure them", of course you do that already. And btw - tell John he has nothing to fear from the camera - he looks GOOD!

Enjoy summer and family and have a wonderful trip to Texas.


crosstown said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for introducing your family. What a fine bunch they are. You must be very proud of them. You are lucky to have some of them close. Mine are all 3-4 hours away. My DH is John too!

Jennifer said...

So beautiful. You are very blessed indeed.