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Friday, October 19, 2012

Home for the holidays

One of the happiest events of the holidays is coming home .... whether it is for baking, going shopping, opening presents or eating the holiday meal together.

This is my tribute to HOME.

Here is my preview:

You can download it at:
This one took quite alot of time for me to create .... had a hard time getting just the right elements to come together in my large library.  Do hope you love my end result.  I normally don't spend over an hour doing one wordart.
Newbies .... you guys are so welcome to my blog.  And, my old friends you are soooooo, sooooo special.  Everyone's kind comments make me keep coming back.
Now, it's time for me to go create two more for part of the weekend Saturday grabs.
Hugs, Sue


Edwina said...

I love this one. Home for the holidays is something very important to me. Thank you so much. Edwina Brown

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

The effort you put in to this design was worth it. This creation is absolutely beautiful and certainly tugs at my heartstrings. Not ten minutes ago I was leaving a comment on a poll at another site about what was on my wishlist for Christmas. The poll listed a bunch of expensive electronic items but my answer was simple: If I could put something on a wishlist it would be a safe and happy Christmas with a weather forecast suitable for travelling by car. My parents have moved over 7 hours away and I'm an only child. If I want to spend Christmas with family then my husband and I are going to have to travel out of town at Christmastime for the first time in well over 18 years. We live in an area that gets a lot of snow and is prone to storms at that time of year. If the weather forecast is bad we won't be going anywhere and since we have no children it will be a very quiet Christmas.
So home represents not a physical location but family. This image will be perfect for Christmas cards. Thanks so much Sue!

Lisa D.

Laura W said...

Oh, I love this! So glad I came upon your site via Creative Busy Hands. Thank you for sharing your creation :)