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Friday, November 23, 2012

Angel In My Arms

One of the things that happened to my last Monday, was I had a very hard time deciding between two of my comments for "Monday's Dedication Day".   No matter what I did .... I didn't want to choose.  So, there was only one conclusion to make.  And that was, at least for this week there needed to be ......

the honor goes to
Chris @ My Inspirational Journey
this is your day and wordart
made especially for you.
You can download it at:
Here is her comment and my reasons for picking her:
                           "Sue, I think this one is for you.  I think you are one of the
                        angels that walks among us (yes, I believe angels walk among us).
                    You have such a gift and to share it with us ....  oh yes, IT'S OFFICIAL
                                                                You're an angel."
And, the reasons why I picked her this week, too.
1.  She responded to a question that I ask .... "Do you believe angels walk among us"?
      by surprising me completely.  Actually, she made me speechless.
2.  And she said ... "IT'S OFFICIAL" by telling me I am an angel.  Wow, just typing this
      makes a tear come to my eye. 
3.  Lastly ... through her taking the time to write those words, she touched my soul.
Thank you so much, Chris.  And God bless you always.
Hugs, Sue


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Well Chris got it right because you are an angel. Thanks for the word art.

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend.


Chris said...

Sue I am so so honored thank you so very much. You brought a tear to my eye. Well more than one tear. I am feeling a little better today, staying in bed today. Yesterday was really a rough one. Thank you for asking.

SiskiyouSue said...

This is the best word art ever! It will go on the page with pictures of my newborn daughter. Thank you.

Lisa Lynn said...

Wow - this image is exquisite! LOVE IT!!!