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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Caring Hands

Hi everyone,

I am home!!!!  I had the most wonderful visit with my mother, especially those few days that it was just her and I.  We talked to the wee hours, played scrabble, looked at more family photo albums then I can count, ate great, walked together and so much more.  It was definately my favorite time with her ever.

Today, I have something very special but different.  I received so many comments while I was gone that I spent about the last two hours just enjoying them.  Thank you so much everyone that took the time to write them.  It was like having Christmas presents only for me!!!!!

One of my comments came from someone that I want to send a special thanks to.  She wrote me about how much she liked my blog and the inspiration it gave.  This a bunch of volunteers, that are giving of their time and skills, which is so fantastic I think.  Their blog is called Wooden Garden Benches and they can be found at:  http://www.woodengardenbenches.net.  They specialize in outdoor furniture of all kinds; including and not limited to teak and other woods, rattan and furniture coverings.  When I went to their site to explore ... I knew instantly they work with their hands.  And, I wanted to do a special wordart around that.

Here it is:

You can download it at:
My words are:
"The daily movement of skilled caring hands gives polished love in abundance"

For all of you lucky ladies that have men in their lives that love the feel, smell and art of working with wood .... this just might be the wordart for that special photograph you have of them "working with their hands".

I will be doing again tomorrow .... Christmas.

Hugs Always, Sue


Anonymous said...

You have some of the sweetest images. Thanks. :)

Silverbutterfly said...

Love all of your images, they are just so adorable, thanks..


Anonymous said...

Love this one Sue, thanks so much. Roxy