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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dedication Monday

It's Dedication Monday

Just a time of celebration

for me to recognize the

comment of the week
and for those of you that
did send me wishes to get well
Thank You, Thank You
it means so much
to me!
and the winner this week is:

Lisa @ Decosse Dynamite Doodles

Here is the preview of
my wordart
created just for her:
I wanted to do something extra special that has to do
with the words of the holidays and friendship.
I have included all five (5) words with definitions in this freebie
You can download this at:

and this element
of a Santa Bear

You can download this element in png file at:
And now to her quote dated  December 4, 2012:

"Just a quick clarification question.  Are you saying that ALL you old images will no longer be available after Dec. 7??  As in I have 3 days to download YOUR ENTIRE ARCHIVE????"

"Eeek, hear chills ... Let me know if I am panicking for nothing.  Ive got everything since I started and most of the zoo wordart although there were a few links that weren't working there in that section that I have written down somewhere around here."

The reason why I chose this one:
She started off asking me to clarify for her ... which of course made me think ... hummmm.

Then she ask if she only had three days to download my entire archive.  Now, that made me start smiling.

Then she ask ... should she panic!!!!  I just started giggling and the naughty side of me wanted to say YES, YES, YES!!!!!  But, I knew if I did that ... LISA WOULD CALL SANTA and I would be in trouble.

And she ends by saying ... I'm missing some of your links, but I don't know where I put them!!!      How can I not be a good girl!!!!  And write her back and say "DON'T PANIC"!!!!

I am still chuckling over that comment.   YOU ARE SO CUTE TO EVEN THINK I'D CAUSE YOU TO DO THAT MUCH WORK

                                                                                                   Hugs, Sue


Silverbutterfly said...

Sue, as always your word art is out od this world, thanks..


Wishing You Butterfly Mornings
And Wildflower Afternoons...

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

I can't believe you put my panic out there for all the world to see. Well at least 99 of them plus the hundreds who are not members. And dang, I just noticed a typo in that message to you too. I'm glad you got a chuckle out of my sheer panic and fear thinking I wouldn't be able to sleep for three days. ; o) Regardless thanks so much for your dedication, I love the design you came up with and will cherish it.
Oh and before I forget, 99 members? You are SO CLOSE to achieving your goal. I know you will, even if I have to find some stranger and force them to sign up under pain of my tickling them to death.

Big Hugs always my friend,

Silverbutterfly said...

Sue, guess I'd better learn to spell check as I meant to say out of this world..Sorry


Edwina said...

Sue, I love these sentiments. They are wonderful. Love the Santa. He is so cute. Thank you so much for these Edwina Brown

Cindy John 3:16 stampartistry.blogspot.com said...

Whoa Sue...I didn't know you were sick...so sorry I missed that! I've been sick for a few days too, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Hope you are doing well. God Bless You! Cindy :)

SiskiyouSue said...

These are wonderful. I love the definitions; they will be SO useful. Thank you for being so generous!

Linda W. said...

Wow! Beautiful! Congrats to Lisa!!!

Lisa Lynn said...

Sue, I just love your images and made another card using one of them. Thanks so much!

Pat said...

Thank you so much for all the sentiments you post so sorry to hear that you are sick I hope the new year find you much better

Granny Enchanted said...

I highlighted your freebie on my blog today. Thank you! http://www.scrapbookalphabet.blogspot.com/2012/12/tuesdays-guest-freebies-grands-9.html

txexperiment said...

These are so sweet. Thanks for sharing!