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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Leprechaun

Now I don't know about you .... but, sometimes I don't look at the Leprechaun as a "good guy".  Nope, I think that he is very "naughty" guy.  It's just a matter of your perspective. 

Now, if he brought me a "pot of gold" ... that would win my favor or a nice glass of "green beer" and that would be even BETTER!!!!!

Today I have made my freebie in more than one way .... those for you that look at the leprechaun as "heaven sent" or those of you that look at him "hell sent".

So, here is my freebies for your Saturday.

You can download them both at:
And, I don't know about anyone else .....
but, I want a combination of both!!!!!
I want to thank everyone that is making a stop at my blog today and I want to wish you all a fantastic weekend.  Hopefully if there are any of you getting caught in this snow .... please stay safe.  And, I know I said I loved snow ..... but I am ready for spring!!!!  How about you?
Hugs, Sue


Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing your talents

Chris said...

I love both of them, thank you so much. I am half Irish and half English. So I am Irish all year long. Hope you have a great weekend. I too am so done with the snow

Edwina said...

Hi Sue, I hope life is treating you good. Thank you for these adorable sentiments. I love this leprechaun. Edwina Brown