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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dedication Monday

*** I am in the process of changing back to 4share.  I am going to be transferring all of my freebies from the month of October and November to 4 share.****

***I have just transferred all my freebies for the month of November to 4Shared.  All of my downloads will be no longer available on Rapid Share on December 7, 2012. ****

It's Dedication Monday
Just a time of celebration
for me to recognize the
comment of the week

You can download it at:
and the winner this week is:

You can find her at:  http://cardcrafterscircle.blogspot.com.

Anne-Marie, this freebie was created just for you
and don't forget to go grab your award.

This week's was so much fun for me to pick out because I received soooooooo, soooooooo many, many  "comments" on my wanting it to snow!!!!!  However, the top honor goes to Miss Anne-Marie.

Sue, I just KNEW there was a reason I loved ya...apart from the gorgeous artwork...hahaaa....but I thought NOBODY loved the beautiful white stuff more than I! We have the same weather as you do, at the moment, but have a forecast for SNOW on Monday...woohoo!
And you have to have already guessed that I LOVE this gorgeous artwork....thank you, my li'l snow buddy!

Why I picked this one: 
Anne-Marie, you definately are my snow buddy anytime and anywhere.  Just telling me that you didn't think anyone loved snow more than you, sure made me feel like we are "sister's" in love of that white stuff.  Are you up for a snowball fight?

I'm not a big fan of snow but your adorable artwork is making me want to see it snowing outside. Thanks!
Why I picked this:  Mariah, I love the fact that you want it to snow, too.

Cindy John 3:16 @ http://stampartistry.blogspot.com.
I hear ya, Sue...it IS absolutely gorgeous when it snows, but better you than me. Tee hee!!! I do remember the beauty of it though. We're in for a big rain storm here in Sunny??? California!!! We're expecting 4-6 inches of rain - that's a LOT of rain.
Again TY for the freebie - you're awesome!
Happy Winter!

 Why I picked this: 
Cindy, you did say you love the "beauty" of snow, however, you made  me laugh when you said "better you than me".  And, rain storms .... they're for "sun bunnies" that think snow is cold!!!

Donna: @ http://donnasdigitalcreations.blogspot.com.
Sue this is adorable! Thank you. Our weather is just like yours, no snow in this part of Minn and it's the 1st of Dec tomorrow! What's with that? The northern part of the state has gotten quite a bit. We are suppose to have 50 degrees here this weekend! We have to have snow for Christmas!

Why I picked this  
Donna, I'm grinning .... us folks from Mid-America don't  always  understand why we're not getting snow when all our neighbors are.  So, I am placing my wish in the "winter snow bag" for you, too.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Lisa @ Decosse Dynamite Doodles @ http://decossedynamitedoodles.blogspot.com.
You my dear can have all the snow you want. If there was a way I'd just ship it all right to you immediately. Anything for you! We have a few inches on the ground and it has been around the past few days. I think it is here to stay.  Hugs

Why I picked this:   
Lisa, now what can I say to .... I can have all the snow I want, you'll  just ship it to me!!!  Can you send it UPS, please?  Slow boat to China oops .. to Iowa just won't work.  I WANT SOME OF THE WHITE  STUFF!!!!

Hugs with xoxoxox's,  Sue


Anne-Marie said...

Sue, you ickle darlin'.....(ickle is a Lancashire dialect word,means "little"), I just LOVE it! You really are so clever how you put this art together, and I love that it always has a story behind it. Thank you, thank you, my sweet lady!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for the honourable mention and thanks for the word art. Whereever did you get those letters? They are beautiful.


Silverbutterfly said...

Sorry you are going to 4 share, can't use it for some reason. I've enjoyed your freebies, but will no longer be able to download them..
Is there a way for you to e-mail them to me? if so mt e-mail is maryh@cvctx.com


Edwina said...

Sue, This is a lovely sentiment. The card looks like an antique. Thank you. Edwina Brown