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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pancakes for the heart


Now, I must ask you .... what is the way to your heart?  Is it a box of chocolates?  Is it a special candle-light dinner for two?  Is it holding hands?  Is it that look that just makes your heart go thump, thump?  Or is it pancakes?

you say!!
Where is Sue going now?
And without delay .....
the last words are .....
"if you bring me pancakes instead of candy"
 You can download this at:
And, now without delay let me continue with my vacation trip:
Yesterday I ended the first chapter with our private concert ....
Now, I must tell you the only thing that my daughter, Angie kept saying from the moment we arrived and at least once an hour on the hour afterward was this STATEMENT. 
"Mom, I want you to take a family professional photo"
If, I heard that statement once, I swear it came out of her mouth at least like a broken record and I knew that the next day was already planned as the family outing to take that perfect family framed 8x10 photograph for her mantel.
Little did I know what that was going to mean.  Did you know all photograph planning means you must go shopping for new clothes for the entire Sticker family?  I was up to that ... I like to shop!!!  So off the "girls" went.  Then I learned something new .... all outfits must be coordinated around what Mom (my daughter) wants to buy!!!!  Abby's white top was next, then the boys in blue and finally it's time to look for Dad.  Angie doesn't like anything and says he's got plenty of clothes at home .... poor, poor Reggie.  As for me, do you think I go shopping without buying something.  Ofcourse not, the new clothes were my treat.
Homeward bound .... showers to take, hair to fix and make-up to apply. 
We are off on our next adventure of the day. 
Now, I want you to look at these faces.  Why do you ask?  Don't they look like they are really into the idea of having to pose for pictures.  Their Mom has turned into a drill instructor!!!!  "Look at Nana", she keeps barking.  And, do they listen .... ofcourse not.  And then disaster hit ..... no sooner had Angie said "no one jump down because there's water below the bridge"  Miss Abby just jumps and her white silver shoes are stuck in mud!!! 
 Neither Mom or daughter are happy!!!
And, what happens next .....
 is these three kids can't keep their eyes open!!!! 
It was like you were saying to them "one, two, three ... close your eyes". 
At least they smiled!!!  Please notice Abby is barefoot.
New approach
Papa decides to balance himself above the water on a rock, then leans down to get the perfect shoot and these three kids still can't open their eyes. 
All the while I keep thinking .... "John, don't fall in the creek!!!!"  Afterall, I have to think about my brand new camera that he's holding.  I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH IT MORE THAN I AM WITH THAT HANDSOME MAN.
Now, it's time for me to show you why these kids can't open their eyes in photographs. 
Is this in their genes or what???????
My daughter is getting so frustrated with her family because by this time I think I'd already taken fifty photographs and everyone keeps closing their eyes on me!!!!  Now, I find it absolutely comical because I know her way, way to well!!!  She is my "sunshine child" and there is no sunshine for her family. 
Daggers are a better description
I suggest .... just the two of them.  The most beautiful couple in Katy, Texas.  And, there's a smile and open eyes!!!  Woo hoo!!!  Woo hoo!!!  Woo hoo!!!
Time to try for the kids again.
Finally .... isn't this a fantastic photograph? 
At least for five minutes!!!!
Sean just can't be good for tooooo long ...
It would be out of character!!!!
 Miss Abby Apple


And finally .... my sweet, sweet Abby Apple. In her eyes I still can see that precious first-born grandchild I held. She is the light of my creativity. Everything about her is nurtured in the world of art. She can draw, she can write, she can paint and so much more. She has already developed all these talents way beyond her age. She is my inspiration now with each and everything I do myself.
Onward bound ....
this is called trying to get the perfect family portrait
Just look at my daughter's expression ....
and the boy's are trying to

Angie doesn't give up ....
It's instructions as to where to stand.
Ryan thinks "Mom ... give it a rest"
Abby thinks "can I be anywhere else then here?"
Sean thinks "this is sooo tiring"
Dad thinks "kids please cooperate with your mother"
and finally

Perfect family portraits
are created through many, many tries
than just for a moment the camera captures .......
Let me welcome you to the Sticker Family. 
My beautiful daughter, Angela
her handsome husband, Reggie
their daughter, Abby
and sons Ryan and Sean
Aren't they just beautiful
and God blessed me with both.
How much I love this photograph of Angela with her daughter, Abby.  It is just speaks to my heart in volumes and volumes.  When I first saw it after downloading ..... all I could say was wow.
Now I want to include my favorites of my grandchildren.  There are many reasons why I love them, too.  Each time I look at them, I can remember their funny faces and the boy's nonstop silly ways.  They are loving brothers and a sister.

This is one of my favorite's.
And they continue .....
I just love the capturing of all their personalities.
Ryan- he's the silly one
Abby-she's the mischevious one
Sean-he's the clown
Oops, the closed eyes has returned
Ryan is frowning because
I said "smile".
There is is .... I know they wouldn't let me down!!!
now ....
No photo shoot is complete without a couple of those "I'm tired of all this" either.  So, I just had to include them as well.  Aren't kids just the greatest????  And, that is what keeps our photos what we all call FAMILY.  All the worts and all.

I just love this one of Sean faking "I'm hurt"!!!
It's called ....
let's see if I can get Abby in trouble ....

and, the three generations
No family gatherings are complete without the "Three Generation" photograph.  As you can see, my Miss Angie has my smile.  I even match the girl's, too.  Afterall, the ladies have to look good!!!!!  And, we do .... don't we?
I think the family "Sticker" session is finished.  Now, it is time for just us.  This is my life partner and I couldn't be happier.  He is my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy.  He's my shoulder I lean on and the one I want to hit at times.  He's quiet and only really is silly with me!!  He thinks he suppose to be "Dad" at all times.  But, our kids have found their way to get him not to be that "grumpy" old man they swear they grew up with.   But, out grandchildren know better
because he's Mr. Softy to them.
Yes, this day was a blessing.  It was full of much laughter, barefeet, silly faces, frowns and memories.
And with this I end my journal to you of my photo session afternoon with my family.  I do hope I have caused a couple of smiles along the way.  As for me, each and every single photograph represents a moment captured in time.  These are my memories.  And with that I close with just one more to say goodbye until tomorrow's Texas Journey continued .... just for you.
May you day be filled with the love of your family.
Hugs, Sue



Edwina said...

So adorable! I loved seeing the photos as I read. I had 3 brothers growing up. There was always a frown, a silly face, and good memories to go with it. Thank you for sharing. Edwina Brown

Silverbutterfly said...

Sue, glad to see you back, love your pictures,. Glad you had a great time with your family.


Wishing you Butterfly Mornings
And Wild Flower Afternoons.....

Pam said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

Cathy -Mercieschild said...

Thank you for the adorable graphic and I have to tell you, i love your pictures and your captions to go with it. Only Grandma/Nana's can appreciate the patience it takes to get grandchildren to sit still for picture taking time. I loved reading about each of them and the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them. Hugs,Cathy K

Chris said...

Sue thank you so much for the great freebie. I loved reading about your time with wonderful family and enjoyed the photos. One can never have too many photos of family and friends!!!

Granny Enchanted said...

I highlighted this freebie and your blog today on my Thursday's Guest Freebies. I shared your freebies with 1,280 followers on my freebies Pinterest board. Thank you, Sue!