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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Can't control who you love

It is time for me to think back of love and silliness.  It will help me to place my emotions in a much better place then yesterday.  I do want everyone to know that I am better.  I finally spoke to Barbara last night.  One of the hardest things for me, but it was so important for me to let her know I am there always day or night ... just a phone call away.

Last night I made a photobook that I have sent her of photographs that I have taken of Richard and her, as well as, others I was able to get off of facebook.  It is a personal journey of what both of them are and will always mean to me.  Hopefully in the moments of need, my photobook will bring her some comfort.

And now, on to happier thoughts.  As always, one of my favorite things to do is to add just the right touch of humor to some of my work.  That is how I decided to create this morning.  My thoughts were filled with how it seems opposites attract ... so my little gem is on that special couple.  Hope you like them.

You can download them at:
I want to extend a special thanks to
DarkuAngel of Deviant Art
for her element called "Wierd Love".
Her artwork is so inspirational and absolutely adorable.
You can find other examples of her work at
And .....
Is everyone ready to continue
My Texas Family Vacation???
One of the things that we always, always do when we go to Texas is let Angie and Reggie go out for a evening all to themselves.  It is just a way of letting them have some time with each other, as they do not have any grandparents that live near by now and ....
So we can have undivided time with just our grandchildren!!!!!
All day the kids had talked about where we were going to go eat and what we were going to do that night while Mom and Dad went out.  It was "hurry up and get out" by all grandparents and kids combined. 
It's called
let's get it on Papa and Nana style
Woo hoo ... Mom and Dad are gone .... Mom and Dad are gone
Let's see who can get in the car faster  and a thirteen year old directly Papa driving.  She knows how to get to Double Daves Pizza Parlor.  Papa wants his GPS ... but decides he'll trust Miss Abby and give it a shot.  Afterall, we get lost .... that's what the GPS is for.  And, we arrive without one little mishap.  It's pizza, salad, games, coin machines and then going back for more for everyone.  It's being able to be as loud as we want!!!  It's being able to be just as silly as they want!!  And, it's Soda nonstop.  Finally we're all stuffed and head back to the house.
Now, the problem arrives .... Papa gets lost because it's dark outside!!!  Doesn't know Katy when the sun disappears.  Ryan says lets just go exploring .... we'll get home sooner or later.  Now, Nana loves, loves games ... even if Papa doesn't love Houston traffic!!!  We all vote and Papa loses.  He can't use his GPS.  It took us forty-five minutes to get back home (fifteen minutes drive) and my husband is not a happy camper.  But, he is a good sport because the only one he lets know he's mad at ... is me.
Yea!!!!  Here's the house .... now the real fun can begin.  It's Just Dance 4 time!!!!!
This is called the swim.
And, he does the point.
Didn't know the boys could do ballet ......
You're asking ...
Did I do it, really .....
I'll never tell ...
But, Ryan ....
You need to go this way!!!
or at least
Now came the shocker for me
My sweetie-pie, Mr John
got up and danced, too
to my astonishment!!!
With him threatening every moment
and I got him more then once!!!!
Doing great, Papa
That man of mine is in the groove to
"Allie McBeal's theme song"
unfortunately I can't remember the name of the song.
I also danced with Abby, Ryan and Sean for the better part of three hours.  But, unfortunately I can't show a photo of me .... because I just plain forgot.  Maybe next time.  I think I lost 1000 calories that night because I have never had a workout like that one!!!!!
Mom and Dad evening was a complete success, too.  They went out to dinner just the two of them and then out bowling with friends of theirs.  Here is that handsome couple when they came home.
And, unfortunately or fortunately .... however you want to look at it ... that handsome hunk had "one beer" to many to attempt to "dance" after "bowling.  It ended up being just Papa, Angie, Nana, Abby, Ryan and Sean until the wee, wee hours of night!!!!  Laughter galore!!!!
Until tomorrow, enjoy your weekend.
Hugs, Sue






Edwina said...

Hi Sue, It sounds like you had a lot of fun. t was fun looking at the photos.
So glad you got hold of your friend. It put your mind at rest. That is good. Now enjoy the rest of this trip with your grandkids and daughter. Edwina Brown

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure with us.