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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Birds

I know that Valentine's Day is over and I will soon begin on my St Patrick's Day freebies ......

BUT ......

I want to do just one more Valentine's freebie.

Here is my preview:

You can download it at:
I want to send a special thanks out to Secondlina of
Deviant Art
the "Love Birds" are
her creation
And I think their adorable.
I sure would want my first love to be dressed like him ... hee, hee

I have included the freebie two different ways.
One with the element and one just words.
As always, thank you for stopping by my blog.  I know that I have been somewhat subdued this month, but with very good reasons.  I continue to pray daily for my friend, Barbara.  And, wish so much that I was in Texas to hug her as she needs it.  I still continue to have so many feelings of helplessness and disbelief.
Approximately one week ago I received some of what I call "hate mail" from two people; which I will not leave their names over a layout I'd posted.  I have since removed that layout.  They unfortunately shook me right down to my core.  I have never received these kind of words from anyone, especially someone I don't know.  They were hateful and cruel.  It made me question, if I even wanted to continue with this blog.  And, it completely crushed my ability to create anything.
It is only due to my regulars that have left such kind words that I will try to continue.  This is hard because I just want to "shut the door", and go back to the way my blog was before ... just for me.  So, please bare with me, because the "words aren't really there right now".  And, I am working so hard to just do anything on this blog.

I am from hard stock, though .... even though I just couldn't do that to anyone else because it is not my nature, I want to get right up .... shout on the top of my lungs and tell those "two people" you didn't win.  So, even though it is hard for me right now .... I WILL CONTINUE TO TRY TO GET MY FREEBIES OUT TO MY FRIENDS.  They may never see this entry .... but I don't care.  I just won't be bullied.
And, again please do keep those kind comments coming ... I think that is the only thing that will help me over this obstacle. 
Lots of love, Sue


Edwina said...

Hi Sue, I am glad I stopped by. Life can be hard, but it is bearable with Love, friendship, and creating. those 2 ladies were rude and did not handle things properly. True business people are not like that.
Thank you for the sentiment. I think it is so cute.
I am glad you mentioned Barbara. I hope she is okay. i think you need a hug too. Take care. Edwina Brown

Chrissys4Cards said...

Hi Sue
I always have a little look at your wonderful work and I think I have used a couple of your word art compilations too. Keep going and forget the nasties - I have had my fair share in the past causing me to make a new blog. They are the losers in the end - sad, pathetic. Best wishes to your friend too.