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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hi Guys,

One of the fun things about my special "love fests" .....

Is my putting on my thinking cap and trying to come up with a new and unique way of telling my special guy how important he is to me. 

This year, I was really going into panic mode because as of Tuesday morning I just wasn't coming up with anything new and different.

My spirits have been so much on a roller coaster these past couple of weeks, that this was really hard.    And, I feel like for the past two week I keep having this reoccuring thought.  What will I do if something happens to John? 

Barbara and Richard only reenforce how precious life is.

Well, on Tuesday ... I'd had enough.  It was time for happy thoughts and grand ideas.  Afterall, that is what my sweetheart, honey bunch, cutie-pie would expect. 

And, I just can never let him down ......

I went out looking for ideas at the stores and GOT NO WHERE!!!  I went online and GOT NO WHERE!!!  I told my brain to start working and GOT NO WHERE!!! 

Now, that is not good !!!!

Low and behold ....

I started to zero in on what makes my man special.  What does he like?  What are his hobbies?  What are his dreams?

And, I went from there ...... 

And, then I had this brilliant idea .....
So, here through photographs was  my Valentine's Day gift to him.

  I hope you enjoy my adventure along with us.

I took him on a
vintage train ride
As the engine whistles and smoke passes our
window, we travelled together back to the
Golden Age of Travel of the 1920's.
Served with his very own luxury chocolates and chocolate chip cookie.
And ...
my Keepsake of his Valentine's Card to me
on Febuary 14, 2012.
Framed Febuary 14, 2013.
This time a rose for my honey
And, I just let cupid take care of the rest !!!!
The clink of crystal glasses will soon be filled
with chocolate milk
As we watched on the huge widescreen television
our very own private showing of
the train makes its way
through the landscape green of Ireland.
Now, this is my make-believe trip everyone .....
Ireland, the Isle of Green
 is the home of family history of the
this romance of rails
of authentic culture
speaks softly to the heart of
My Irishman 
With springtime whispering to his senses
Memorable sounds of
Celtic Music played softly in our ears
 we talked of
trip to Ireland
if only in our dreams
delicious five-course dinner
of ALL HIS  favorites ...
oreo cookies with hearts, cinnamin rolls,
chocolate caramel candies
bacon and milk
(unfortunately served upstairs)
my man wouldn't eat by the fireplace in our real basement.
And he's thinking all the while ....
Our remarkable train travel ...
wasn't I lucky to get to share it with this cute little boy !!!!
(John @ age ten years)
"After all this time ....
.... I've still got the biggest crush on you."
And, my freebie today is ....
You can download it at:
Hoping that everyone had the best Valentine's Day yesterday ......
Hugs, Sue


Moments by Marla said...

Sue what a wonderful and loving Valentine you gave your hubby!!! I'm sure he is feeling like the luckiest man on earth. Thank you for your wonderful freebies. I am playing catch up again so this means going back several days.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. John, I'm sure loved every minute of the ride. Thanks for the freebie too.