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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank You

I will be coming back later this morning.

But .....

Thank you
my heart
my brain
This morning when I first woke up, I was feeling so overwhelmed by it all.  To be greeted by my husband, John is always the best part of my morning
but ....
this morning I just wanted to tell him to shut up!!!  To stop asking me how I feel, to stop looking concerned, to stop his continous chatter.  Instead, what I did is just go back to bed.  And, feel sorry for myself. 
I just seemed to lay there .... not sleeping and fighting with my thoughts.  Part of me just wanted to scream, part of me wanted to cry, part of me just wondered will ... I get better, part of me is so angry and then there is a part of me saying ....
you can do this ....
So, I got up and went to the computer.  What I found was so many words of encouragment that I now feel strong again.  So even though I don't feel like working on getting better, I will fight that feeling of "let's just go quit".
I am going to go get my homework done for my second day right now.
I'll be back later today.
Hugs, Sue

ps  for anyone coming to my blog today ... please read my entry from June 23-24th.  It will explain


Pat said...

one step at a time will get you where you need to be and we are cheering you all the way keep kicking A--

Marzia said...

Hi Sue

First time at your place and I am sad to read what has happened to you, but reading through the lines I somehow can feel you are a very strong and determinated lady so keep fighting don't give up an inch... you are lucky enough to have suffered only a minor stroke and you have a supportive family and a loving husband and than you have us, your blogger friends ... gonna send you some energy in my next meditation , this and some prayers and positive thoughts... I am sure you'll recover soon and once all this is over you'll remember it as a new start over. Our father above has sometimes strange and difficult ways to teach us important lessons... I learned mines the hard way too. Crossing fingers for you! hugs

Edwina said...

Sue, I understand how you feel, but you are not a quitter. I know you have the strength to fight this and win. Keep on going on my friend. I have a friend who always says " When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." That is a good thing to do. Edwina Brown