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Monday, June 24, 2013

Learning Time

I want to thank everyone that has already sent me a comment on yesterday's blog entry.  I can't tell you what it means to me to have sooooo many people that will be my CHEER LEADERS.  I am often amazed at how much we all care about each other and somehow I wish that our connection with each other could be passed to the whole world.

I have made so many friends during the past two years that I feel so humbled by all of your concerns and prayers.  And again, you have brought such a feeling of "I CAN DO ANYTHING" that all I can say is .... thank you from more then just my heart, but also from my brain.  To know, that all of you will be my right hand makes this just a little bit brighter.  Please don't get me wrong ... I feel like I see my world through new eyes and I am so grateful.

Now, first on with my challenge to anyone that wants to join me on this adventure of learning.  Yesterday evening my husband took us to the book store and bought me two new books to help me try to make my brain work for clearly.  I have decided I must be a student again.  I will spend whatever time it take for me to complete one puzzle from my "Banana-Grams" word challenge book and read and complete whatever assignment in my "Painless Reading Comprehension" book.

Here is a pictures of them:

I am challenging anyone that wants to go on this journey with me, too.
Go Bananas!!
Use all 21 tiles in this bunch to create a collection of connecting
and intersecting common words in the grid below.  The words can
be horizontal or vertical, reading left to right or top to bottom.
Letters are:
Use a grid that looks like a crossword puzzle page (blank)
and make your own crossword.
This first homework assignment
took one hour for me!!!!!!!
Just to give anyone new to my blog,  I experienced a minor stroke, called an Ischemic stroke last Thursday right after attending my grandson, Tristan's baseball game.  We had just gotten in our car to go home and I experienced double vision in both of my eyes.  Luckily we were within fifteen minutes of St. Luke's hospital.  The MRI showed a blood clot on the left side of my brain stem going into my brain.  TPA protocol was given.  To see me, you can't see any effects of the stroke and I am so glad.  To look at me, I look exactly the same.  But, I have some right sided weakness in my arm/hand/leg.  As a left-hander, I am so, so lucky ... but I have to force myself to use my right hand.  It is just automatic for me to go to my stronger side.  BUT, I AM WORKING ON IT!!!
The only place I am really effected is in the area of my thought process.  I have to really concentrate on what I think and to express myself.  Right now my words come out very fragmented or they just come out wrong.  It's hard to be understood.  But, it isn't just the speech ... it remembering things.  Like something as simple as getting milk out of the frig and then PUTTING IT BACK!!!  I feel like the Absent Professor!!!!  It's like my mind is in overdrive or it's asleep.  
That is why I want to really force my brain to work.  My books are my daily homework assignments now.  This will be in addition to physical, speech and occupational therapy.  I want to exercise my brain too, each and every single day.  It's called practice, practice and more practice.
Now, to talk about my emotions ... how I feel because I want everyone to know from my own experiences. 
First of all  ... learn the signs and symptoms of a stroke.  I actually only experienced one of them and that was double vision.  The others are sudden weakness or numbness of face, arm or leg; sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding; sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes (for me the double vision was in both eyes); sudden trouble walking, dizziness or loss of balance or coordination and sudden, severe headache with no known cause.
I can't stress that enough!!!!
And, the next is should you have any of those symptoms do not hesitate to go straight to the emergency room.  I really, really believe that our actions not only kept me from having a worse stroke ... but, that I am possibly alive because of it.
And, lastly ... my thoughts.  Today I feel very determined.  I want to think, talk and feel like me sooner than later.  Even though it is hard to type this (I make so many mistakes) ... I want to do this.  It is important to me!!!  And, because of my scrapbook friends here ... I feel this strength today.  I know that it will be a roller-coaster for me, but I am willing to take the ride ... if you are.
And now my wordart for the day.  This one I have already done in the past, but I want to dedicate it not only to myself but to ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS THAT COME TO VISIT:

You can download this at:
Thank you all so much again.  I love all you guys.
Hugs, Sue


Karen B said...

Hello Sue - firstly can I say that when I read your post yesterday I was devastated by what I read. How something so terrible can just strike unannounced anywhere. Yet todays post was so different.......your determination and resolve are amazing and I can only watch and read with total awe. That you have gathered all these resources together so quickly to help in your recovery strikes me with your strength of character. You have my utmost respect - together with the fact that anyone stumbling upon your blog today wouldn't be able to tell anything was wrong as you have been so eloquent (however much you stress you've made so many mistakes!). For someone who has Fibromyalgia, Lupus and twice had cancer (currently in remission) I know the strength of resolve you have shown in these last two days. You've inspired so many people in the past with your wonderful sentiments - you are now inspiring everyone with your strength of character. May you continue your recovery speedily.

Karen x

chick1852 said...

Thanks so much for the word art!! I will pass on the assignment, I have never been able to work them so I applaud you finishing so fast. Keep up the good work!!

Emily Thubbron said...

Sue, you are an inspiration to all of us. Your blog post is wonderful. Thank you for determining in your heart and mind to continue doing what you love. God bless you. I know that you can do it. You are amazing. I have Fibromyalgia and the brain fog from that is enough to drive a sane person crazy so I understand about the "getting a drink out of the fridge and remembering to put it back". I do that. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind. My crafting keeps me sane..well at least saner. LOL. Keep on keeping on Sue. You will accomplish all you set out to do. Prayers and hugs go out to you and your family.

Emily T

Pat said...

I'll join in my brain could always use some help enjoy the good days and grab on to us on the not so good days
3 cheers to you