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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gentle Touch

You can download it at: 

Today this wordart is being dedicated to a very, very special new friend of mine.  I have found that her site is so much inspiration for me, it is my first stop of the day!!!!!  There is never an exception.  She is calling Monday's "Dedication Day" on her blog and her words are just so thought provoking.  She makes me want to always be a better person.

She has touched me not only with her own words, but her helpfulness to me and my blog.  She has honored my creations and in turn brought me a new friend that day.  She is so talented and creative, giving and funny ... you will just admire her as much as I do.

Another reason why she touched my heart was one of her comments:
      Dated:  10-20-12 on my post called "Home for the Holidays"
                             "The effort you put into this design was worth it.  This creation is
                             absolutely beautiful and certainly tugs at my heartstrings".

                             "If I could put something on a wish list it would be a safe and
                             happy Christmas with a weather forecast suitable for travelling.
                            "My parents have moved over seven hours away and I am an
                            only child."

                             "First time in over 18 years to be separated"

                            "So home represents not a physical location but family"
 **** this is only parts of that comment that I received.  But, these sentences reached so deep within my soul.

The reasons I was so touched.

1.  Her very first sentence says it all .... the reason I create for others.
2.  Her wish .... she wants to be safe to see her loved ones.
3.  She is an only child ....  I am one, too.  And, I truely understand how important it is to spend
     time with her parents.  Even though, like her ... I don't come from a large family, I know
     the size of family doesn't matter at all.  Our love for each other is just as abundant.
4.  I often didn't see my family after I started my own family .... so you see, I know how important
     it is for her to be with hers.  And, I understand just how hard it will be if they are not together.
5.  And, her last sentence .... wow!!!!!!!

Please do go and stop for a visit at her site.  Make her feel as welcome to this world, as all of you have to me.  You can find her at:  http://decossesdynamitedoodles.blogspot.com.

And Lisa ...... thank you for all your help as well.

Hugs, Sue


Lisa Lynn said...

Love this image!!!

Michaela said...

Thank you very much for this amazing freebie,Sue
Michaela xx

Betty Benton said...

Thank your for this beautiful word art! I have a friend who is so giving and loving; this has got to go on a card for her!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Dear Sue,

I have no words to express what is going on in my head and heart right now. Nor do I have the words sufficient enough to articulate the gratitude I feel for both you and your dedication today. I knew you had a surprise for me but this is overwhelming. If one of your goals was to make me cry...well you achieved it but don't worry they are happy tears!

Who could have predicted that my first encounter with your blog just a few short months ago would lead to such a special friendship. It now appears that we are kindred spirits in more than one way, with us both being only children as well. No one else can know the complexities of being a single child unless you are one.

It seems that the ability to motivate is a reciprocal one between us. Your words have just as much power to inspire me as mine apparently seem to encourage you. Yet, that is the way a friendship should work isn’t it? And, I have certainly come to view you as a true friend. You as well have become an important part of each day. It is really too bad that so many miles separate us for I truly believe we could become those type of friends who meet up at each other’s home for a coffee, a chat and/or a creative brainstorming session. Nonetheless, we will just have to work within the circumstances we’ve been dealt. So a toast to this newly developed connection,
“To my new friend Sue: someone who brings her own unique perspective and experiences to the table and then blesses my life by sharing them with me.”

Thank you Sue!


Chris said...

This is so touching, I just love it. Today I am not feeling well, but when I come to your site it always makes me smile. Thank you so much.

Lynne said...

Beautiful. Thanks so very much. Lynne from OZ