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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mood Up Keeper

Today I want to do something really special.

I received a comment today from one of my newest friend's and a fellow designer and she has given me the most wonderful idea to start doing on my own blog.

She is THANKING her visitors that come to her site and leave a COMMENT.  I have always tried to thank my visitors each day with an email, but I do not THANK THEM on my blog personally.  Each week she is going to pick a special comment that means a lot to her and tell that person thank you by featuring the comment and telling why it meant so much to her.

I have decided to do the very SAME THING .... BECAUSE, Lisa .... this is such a fantastic idea.

Now, I want you know that this was no easy task for me.  I have received over a thousand comments during these past ten months!!!!  Because of the time it takes to go through them .... I will start with one that is pretty recent.

I received this comment from my dear friend and mentor, Trine.  Her blog is called Nothing But Freebies and she can be found at:  http://nothingbutfreebies.blogspot.com.  She offers many freebies and is such an artist in her own right.

Here is her comment that I received on October 19, 2012 about a layout I posted on my blog (I just wanted everyone to see ... I do scrapbook layouts, too).  It is from my post called "Don't Pout".

          "Oh sweetie - if I want a happy laugh, your site, is the sure place
          place to go.  I love, love, love, love your pouting layout.  It's a virtue
          to be able to self-ironic (hmmmm, is that even a word in English).
          Just checked with Google Translator and they say it's a word, which
          probably means it's not).  Whatever, if you have more of these layouts,
          please show them to us.  You are hereby appointed my personal
          "mood-up keeper".

And the reason, I chose this one .... I meant alot that she found the humor in my layout and what I was trying to convey.  She made me laugh over her "word" self-ironic and the word "whatever".  And lastly .... I love, love, love that she appointed me her personal "mood-up keeper".

Do go take a look at that layout and grab the free wordart I offered on that day ... again 10-19-12, Don't Pout.

And, this is sooooooo for you ..... Trine.

My freebie today is dedicated to Trine:
You can download her at:
Also, I want to feature another one of my
own scrapbook layouts from
Valentine's Day 2012
This one is of my grandson, Justin


So many thanks are also needed to be made.  I want to thank MizuuHim of Diviant Art for her beautiful one eyed beauty used in today's freebie.  She can be found at:  http://mizuuhime.deviantart.com.  And the girl is under the drawing called "Endless Sky".  And, ofcourse, I want to thank Lisa of http://decossesdynamitedoodles.blogspot.com for her inspiring idea.

And, lastly I want to thank "the man upstairs"; the one I always thank for all my blessings.  This special thought is for Him ... and the wonderful gift of "words and creating" that He has given me.

Keep those comments coming,  Hugs Sue


Trine Secher said...

I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself, but: Thank you!
I am SO proud of having my very own WA. And guess what - you made me smile/laugh again :0)))


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Ultimately isn't that what life should be about? Sharing our gratitude with those around us? I am so glad that I was able to inspire you Sue.


p.s. thanks for the props.

Anne-Marie said...

What a sweet and uplifting thing to do, Sue. You are awesome in so many ways. Thank you for all the inspiration....I think of you as a "Pay it Forward" artist...passing along the love. x

Lisa Lynn said...

You have a wonderful site and what you do and offer is wonderful! Thanks so much!