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Monday, November 12, 2012

No Peeking

GEE IT WAS A QUIET WEEKEND ... I didn't get much traffic the entire weekend.  Surprising .....  and only three comments!!!!!

And, can you believe the weekend is over and it is monday again.   Just the same, this is a wonderful very special, magnificient, outstanding, just smile until it hurts day.

Why .... do you ask.

It's Monday's Dedication Day
So ... without further delay
boom ... boom ... boom .... boom .... boom
(I only know how to play the drums)
And there is NO PEEKING
This one is created just for you, Anne-Marie
You can download this one at:
element by primantis of deviant art
you can find her at:
I am unbelievable fortunate to have met sooooo many wonderful people through their comments.  And, starting last week in appreciation I wanted to dedicate each Monday to that someone special that "just said it all".  This is the comment of the week that is unique from all the others.
In some way
It's defination means
Here is the quote from Anne-Marie from 11/6/2012 on my post called "Mood Up Keeper"
"What a sweet and uplifting thing to do, Sue." 
"You are awesome in so many ways."
"Thank you for the inspiration ....."
"I think of you as a "Pay It Forward" artist".
"Passing along the love".
Now  for the reason I picked this one today:
1.  How can I not feel special when I am told so many positive things ... that I inspire.
2.  Then I am told ... I am awesome.  Now, Miss Anne-Marie YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE ME
                                 A BIG HEAD!!!!
3.  But, what reached me the most and brought on such a big, big smile is her phrase "Pay It Forwad".
                                 I just love it.  I don't know if this was the way she meant it, though.  Her words
                                 I "translated" to mean .... I move forward with inspiration to all ... that is my
                                 "payment" because I love to give.
4.  And, last but least ... her use of the word "LOVE" at the end.  Love spells so many positive
                                emotions .... and most importantly to me the sharing of goodness.

Wow .... Miss Anne.  I salute you, today!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much,  Anne-Marie

I missed my usual comments.
Hugs, Sue


Karen said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for all the wonderful digis - they are magical. Especially love the Tiny Tots - she is one of my all time favourite images. Just joined your follow by email so I don't miss anything!

Karen x

Chrissys4Cards said...

Brilliant image

Anne-Marie said...

Oh my goodness.....really? Thank you so very much....this is so adorable! I am humbled by all the lovely things you said, and you certainly did "translate" my comment correctly....you do "Pay it Forward", consistently and unconditionally, just because you have a love of people....and what a beautiful way to do it!
I wasn't around, over the weekend, because I had a bad throat, and was feelin' very sorry for myself....hahaa!
Thank you again, you sweet thing!

ScrappyMama said...

Sorry you were so lonely all weekend...I think lots of us were outside enjoying our unusually nice weather! I set up to follow you by email so I don't miss anything!!

Debbie said...

Thanks so much. This is perfect for the grandchildren!

Vi said...

Hello, Sue
I truly LOVE your blog and I greatly appreciate all you do to share your amazing talent. Thank you very much!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Love the new image.

Also glad to see you have been playing around with your redesign. Now that you've added your 'email posts' option I'll be signing up too. You can play around with the size of each of columns as well. If you need help with this, you know where to find me.


Lisa Lynn said...

This image is so adorable and it looks so realistic. I worked all weekend so now I am backtracking to see what I missed.

Chris said...

I just love this one Sue. My granddaughter and grandson text me all the time and I have to text my daughter to ask what they are saying. Sometimes I kid them. But I am just so thankful that they want to text me everyday. They are both wonderful never in any trouble. And as my grandson says "I love that old lady"(a joke from when he was about five) What more could a Grandma ask for, even if most the time I don't know what the heck they are saying.
Thank you so much for this one. Have been having some really bad days. And you made me smile thing about this.